Dexon Software Inc: Ensuring Streamlined Management of IT Assets

Luis B Chicaiza, CEO
Today, a nexus of forces is disrupting the landscape of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Georeferenced information such as carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and network traffic are gaining steam around EAM market to proffer real-time insights for the entire IT platform. In this light of revolution, the need of hour is to “provide organizations with asset reports that can be defined according to the business needs, and exported in variety of formats,” delineates Luis B Chicaiza, CEO, Dexon Software. Evolving parallely with these trends, Bradenton, FL-based Dexon Software provides an IT Asset Manager solution that offers automated mechanisms for georeferencing to effectively manage enterprise assets. “Our solution’s ability to associate with physical space where the IT assets are based empowers organizations to avoid unexpected halts, reduce maintenance time, and manage assets efficiently,” affirms Chicaiza.

Dexon Software’s IT Asset Manager Solution controls, monitors, audits, and tracks customers’ complete IT assets to streamline inventory management, remote administration, terminal recovery, network monitoring, geo-referencing, and modeling services. Unifying the diverse views of these different functionaries, the solution aids an enterprise to have a single vision throughout their operations. Allowing companies to have solitary vision imparts them the convenience to access various assets, thereby improving inventory levels and control of fixed assets, staff productivity, and automated processes. Apart from the benefits at operational level, the IT Asset Manager Solution allows the firms to generate printed, graphical and statistical reports and export it in various formats to help them obtain insightful clues and take correct decisions in the shortest possible time. “The simplicity in executing our software allows organizations to attain significant ROI in a very short period of time,” expresses Luis B Chicaiza.

Consecutively, the IT Asset Manager Solution has different categories like Terminals Management, Remote Control and Administration, and Patch Management to achieve automation at every level of asset management.
These solution suites follow a set of pre-defined methodologies and processes based on IT infrastructure Library (ITIL) to allow centralized administration of software and hardware units. Taking pride on the company’s skillfulness, Chicaiza explains, “Our every automated mechanism has been designed to blend into the architecture of the enterprise systems.”

Unlike its counterparts, Dexon Software differentiates itself through its proficiency in helping many organizations to comply with external regulations, as well as improve their profitability and productivity. In less than two decades, the company through its vast acumen and expertise in the area of EAM has assisted several clients to meet their business goals. In one instance, the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico, implemented the company’s solution to have better visibility in their IT assets. The out-dated information and lack of automation prevented the client from controlling their assets, which resultantly led to the loss of capital. The client’s need for EAM was effectively met by Dexon Software’s Remote Control and Administration suite that managed their entire IT infrastructure from a single point. “Our solution helped the customer supervise more than 80,000 work stations that were spread all over Mexico and improved their customer services,” extols Chicaiza.

The simplicity in executing our software allows organizations to attain significant ROI in a very short period of time

Envisioning an exciting future, Dexon Software continues to seek better ways to offer real-time solutions for companies in EAM arena. “Our successful track record in EAM has allowed us to have a global recognition and it’s time to acquire the knowledge needed to continue our offerings,” reveals Chicaiza. The company plans to forge forward in the field of Geovisualization to offer superior business intelligence.

Dexon Software

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Luis B Chicaiza, CEO

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