DFND Security, Inc.: Automation And Dynamic Staffing For Robust Cyber Resilience

Irrefutably, businesses cannot leverage the true potential of their implemented cybersecurity technologies without the right blend of professionals to operationally support them. A security staff shortage exists in all organizations, regardless of size, industry, or location. According to the ISACA State of Cybersecurity 2022 report, 63 percent of organizations reported vacant cybersecurity positions, 8 percent higher than last year.

On a mission to enable security automation and provide staffing resources to clients, DFND Security, Inc. augments cyber security resilience and addresses talent shortage challenges with its dynamic staffing model, also referred to by its team as the virtual bench.

The company enables its clients to scale their cybersecurity project teams within days by hiring the most suitable and skilled professionals. DFND’s team has over two decades of experience in recruitment and formed a global network of seasoned cybersecurity specialists.

“We build programs for customers to assemble a competent cybersecurity team,” says Jeff Sarubbi, founder and executive vice president of DFND Security, Inc. “We bring engineers, consultants, and other resources from all over the world into an organization with different levels of experience, enabling our customers to scale faster.” These consultants can also join a client’s company as full-time employees, creating a win-win scenario.

This exceptional staffing model makes DFND a reliable partner in the security domain, vividly demonstrating why industry powerhouses entrust it with their cybersecurity requisites.

A Trusted Partner for All Things Cybersecurity

DFND Security, Inc. covers the gamut of cybersecurity, from cloud security architecture to application security, threat modeling, full stack development, and physical infrastructure security, with a focus on architecture. The company is known for its analytical horsepower and problem-solving capabilities while connecting businesses with the most qualified professionals. It strategically develops iron-clad and befitting strategies that protect businesses, their confidential data, infrastructures, and customers from modern-day cybersecurity threats.

Led by a team of veteran IT and cybersecurity experts with a comprehensive understanding of practical areas, DFND has helped numerous enterprises solve complex issues faster, translate their visions into reality, make informed decisions, and recruit in technical niches.

DFND adds more value to their cybersecurity operations by ensuring more efficient utilization of existing security capabilities.

DFND follows a hardware-agnostic approach that takes into account clients’ OpEx and specific objectives and uses current IT infrastructures. The team examines existing capabilities and identifies areas of improvement, bridging gaps and resolving deficiencies at the architectural level.

DFND’s core methodology– Design for Impact (D4I)–ensures the implementation of befitting solutions in three simple steps.
Its team identifies inadequacies that can be resolved with a durable advantage, resulting in continuous improvement in related security areas. The experts conduct comprehensive discussions and gather every minute detail about their client’s operations, challenges, and KPIs. They define the explicit criteria for devising a holistic plan that addresses the requirement of all parties involved. Conclusively, DFND’s team develops a durable advantage via data analytics, automation, or its partners. The team acts as an extension of its client’s security teams, building and maturing their capabilities, meeting risk tolerance for lesser capital expenditures, and bringing better visibility into cybersecurity threats and challenges. This support enables them to focus on mission-critical operations and core competencies while DFND takes the responsibility of optimizing and maintaining their cybersecurity posture.

The cornerstone of DFND’s implementation is automation. As Sarubbi says, “If it’s not automated, it’s broken.”

“We start with the mindset of automating, enabling clients to build capabilities that scale and grow with their customers,” says Geoffrey Poer, CISO of DFND Security, Inc.

In pursuit of enabling that, DFND’s experts incorporate automation capabilities in every layer of the security stack. Bringing widespread automation at each layer, DFND frees up a company’s most crucial resource– the people–and empowers them to focus on impactful work, collaborations, and innovations. It substantially reduces security IT services and delivery costs and enhances an organization’s cyber resilience.

To enhance incident detection and response capabilities, DFND offers Penatration testing and red teaming led by Peter Kim, the best-selling author of the offensive security trilogy, The Hacker Playbook. In addition to its highly effective implementation process and automation capabilities, differentiating DFND from other system integrators is its multinational financial and delivery capabilities that allow it to deliver its services worldwide, in the customers local currencies.

Transcending Beyond the Borders

DFND Security, Inc. delivers its services across 156 countries. Three years ago, DFND opened an office in São Paulo, Brazil, this allowed them to expand their competencies and cater to the fast growing South American market representing banking, legal, manufacturing and IT infrastructure. It resolves complex international financial challenges with its expertise, in transacting, in foreign countries, in foreign currencies. Reclamation of VAT, landing charges, and import duties are some challenges DFND has helped enterprises maneuver. It accomplishes this with its in-country billing and importer of record (IOR) services for hardware, software, and subscription transactions.

Having established many similar centers in Canada and the U.S., DFND has gained a competitive edge in the market and fosters strong relationships with Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and other global entities.

DFND has conducted pen testing for many clients to reduce their cybersecurity risk and attack footprint. It has also built numerous programs to enable them to develop threat identification and incident response abilities.
For companies with these competencies in place, DFND hones their proficiency to tackle emerging cybersecurity threats. It is working closely with Oracle and Microsoft to enhance their security offerings. Doubling down on its collaborative stance, DFND is developing full-fledged go-to-market strategies for companies, helping them become more security-centric. This balanced and well-organized security implementation may seem unachievable for an outsider, but it was a typical day for DFND Security, Inc.

We Rapidly Bring Engineers, Consultants, And Other Resources From All Over The World Into An Organization With Different Levels Of Experience, Enabling Our Customers To Scale Faster

Although the returns of DFND’s cybersecurity strategies and expertise speak for themselves, its customer-first approach enables it to effectively decipher the strengths, shortcomings, and requirements of clients.

Ceaselessly Customer-centric

“Our customers always come first,” says Tony Miranda, Founder and Executive Vice President of the company. “We always make decisions with our customers and partners in mind.”

Its ‘partnership first, customer first, relationship first’ mindset is the foundation of its highly effective and security implementation. It demonstrates why industry giants like Palo Alto Networks (PANW: NASDAQ), Signal Sciences Corporation (FSLY: NYSE), SentinelOne (S: NYSE), Oracle (ORCL: NYSE), and Microsoft (MSFT: NASDAQ) partner DFND Security, Inc.

Having worked directly for these companies (Oracle, Sony, et al.) for decades, prior to starting DFND; DFND’s management team witnessed firsthand the challenges executives face in bringing their cybersecurity ideologies into reality and the associated organizational red tape. The experience gained, and problems faced make DFND’s team a dependable advisor capable of recommending the most appropriate, efficient, and successful course of action for businesses that bolster their cyber resilience.

As some aspects of society settle back to normal, businesses are experiencing difficulties regaining their pre-pandemic momentum regarding their migrations, operational efficiencies, security capabilities, and more. Amid this security midwinter, DFND enables enterprises to protect, impact, and innovate, steering clear of emerging cybersecurity threats and boosting their competitive edge.

DFND Security, Inc.

Irvine, CA.

Bob Sarubbi, Vice President, Managing Partner; Tony Miranda, Founder and Executive Vice President; Ricky Grandy, Vice President, Professional Services; Jeff Sarubbi, Founder and Executive Vice President; Geoffrey Poer, Chief Information Security Officer; Christina Steele, Director of Operations; Randy Cook, Executive Vice President, Technology

DFND Security, Inc. is a global cyber security system integrator that enables businesses to scale their cybersecurity project teams within days by hiring the most suitable and skilled professionals. DFND has a hardware-agnostic approach that takes into account clients’ OpEx and specific objectives and utilizes current infrastructures

DFND Security, Inc.