Dfuse Technologies: Defusing Big Data and Analytics Predicaments Holistically

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Jeff Bertman, CTO & Lead Data Scientist/Engineer
Not long ago, the BIG question was whether an organization had big data and the volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and technology to harness it. Although today these basics are at the disposal of most CIOs, the path to success is still fuzzy. There is an imperative need to holistically triangulate on modern business dilemmas— in terms of leveraging technology to actualize real business outcomes. CIOs need to yield high-value, measurable improvements, line up the right technologies, and use them in cost-effective ways. “The fundamental goal of our big data clientele is universally aligned with IT in general. It boils down to results, which is why ROI is a cornerstone here at Dfuse,” mentions Jeff Bertman, CTO and Lead Data Scientist/Engineer of the company, headquartered in the Washington DC metro area with a nationwide footprint of 11 states and counting. Bertman is also author of Dfuse’s “ROI Ascendancy Model”, slated for public debut this winter. Dfuse creates strategies to address big data and analytics scenarios in a hybrid top-down, bottom-up manner for a wide range of clients from US Government and DoD to Fortune 500 including Apple, CVS Health, Wells Fargo, and New York & Company. “We drive from a business perspective. For example, we improve revenue, profit, market share, mission effectiveness, efficiency, and such by leveraging technology. Not the other way around,” says Bertman.

Dfuse understands that each client presents a different set of challenges pertaining to vision, goals, resources, timelines, infrastructure, and culture. To this end, the company has developed a business structure with no boundaries through which it promotes a unified journey. “When clients engage Dfuse, they hire a company of experts, not an individual,” states Bertman. “We create an environment of empowerment, synergy, and collective thinking. Our approach has resulted in repeat business and 110% growth over the last 3 years. In 2019 we are conservatively on track to double.” Holding rank#84 in the Inc. 5000 IT Services space for 2019, Dfuse focuses on the melding of efficacy, collaboration, sharing, and “fun.” The company creates a profile or roadmap for each client and “syncs-up” with consulting teams on a monthly basis to address accomplishments, challenges, plans, sharing, and opportunities for economy of scale across projects. Dfuse then triangulates this with customer feedback to identify high value opportunities.“Above and beyond the effectiveness of this cooperative approach, it fosters camaraderie.

The fundamental goal of Big Data clientele is universally aligned with IT in general. It boils down to results, which is why ROI is a cornerstone here at Dfuse

This contributes to employee retention, which in turn improves workforce stability and brings us back to what is good for our clients,” says Bertman. “Our fans call us ‘Data Doctors,’ and we are well known as presenters and expert/keynote speakers in Technical Forums sponsored by Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Snowflake, Oracle, Salesforce, and others.”

One key Dfuse differentiator is in how their seasoned technology professionals combine extreme innovation with pragmatism to cover the middle ground and deliver substantial business gains and serious ROI. From concept and initial analysis to development, integration, operations, and training, Dfuse understands that the buzz around “end-to-end” solutions includes a pretty big middle. Beyond just “using” cutting-edge technology, the company helps shape it by creatively blending expertise and relationships with technology manufacturers, helping to evolve their products. “We then help our clients define and achieve meaningful business goals by optimizing their technical landscape: data, storage, compute, network, security, software, analytics, workforce, whatever is needed from a holistic perspective,” states Bertman.

Having carved a unique niche for itself, Bertman mentions, Dfuse has an evolving roadmap. From constant research, insight, and past experiences with other organizations, the company leaders know that strategies need to change as expansion occurs (or reduction in some cases). “We’re also reinforcing our employee retention program to ensure our greatest assets stay for the ride. Finally, we’ll sprinkle in some branding. While Dfuse has grown to provide service pillars well beyond our data origins, we are reminding people about our flagship boutique – Dfuse stands for Data Fusion,” concludes Bertman.

Dfuse Technologies

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Jeff Bertman, CTO & Lead Data Scientist/Engineer

Dfuse Technologies, Inc. is a premier provider of information technology and innovative business solutions providing IT services to both government and commercial customers. Dfuse helps its customers to visualize, recognize and execute objectives while balancing cost, schedule and resources. As a trusted partner in mission success, Dfuse provides talented workforce in software development, integration and secure implementation of technologies such as: Mobile Application Development, Oracle Fusion Middleware Development, Application Integration, Database Management and Data Warehousing, Web Portals, Reporting and Dash boards, Trend analysis, Visualization and Project Management