DGTLsuite: Bridging the Digital Gap

With a significant percentage of consumers deciding on their brand loyalty based on their experience with a company’s digital engagement levels, it has become crucial for companies to upgrade their digital customer engagement processes. DGTLsuite and their suite of software solutions solve the largest problems businesses face in meeting the demands of their customers online: digital community management, customer care, service automation, creative content logistics, and actionable data insights. While the trend toward digitalization has been ongoing for some time, the onset of COVID-19 hit the fast-forward button for digital transformation. With digitization growing many consumers are now paying bills, banking, and ordering groceries online for the first time. Brands are facing an entire new set of requests as a result of digital emergence such as managing large volumes of digital customer interactions from multiple digital channels and always-connected customers wanting real-time responses. All of this leads to increased customer dissatisfaction, churn, and decreasing customer loyalty, contributing to plummeting customer acquisition and retention rates in the long run.

Amidst this seemingly unmanageable situation, DGTLsuite arrives as a much-needed game-changer in the digital customer service field. Focused on digital customer service, social media marketing, and brand management, the Texas-based company helps organizations deliver omni-channel digital customer experience (DXE) and provides around-the-clock community management and customer care solutions. Initially starting out as SocialPath Solutions in the managed services space, the company rebranded itself as SPS DGTL in 2017, building its own software platform that has evolved today to become DGTLsuite.

“Engage,” DGTLsuite’s digital customer care platform, aggregates conversations from companies’ social network profiles and other digital channels, helping brands connect with customers, resolve service concerns, and analyze online conversations through detailed reports. “Our platform is built for digital customer care at scale, AI enablement, and our natural language processing (NLP) engine allows us to do deep text analytics, assess customer care trends, measure sentiment changes, and automate certain activities,” says Shaun Williams, founder and CEO of DGTLsuite.

Assisting “Engage” is DGTLsuite’s “Analyze” tool that analyses all stored customer conversation data, and in turn, powers the “Automate” tool to support conversational chatbots and task automation based on the data analysis using AI and robotic process automation. Additionally, DGTLsuite’s “Create” service is an outbound content management platform to keep outbound and inbound content strategies in sync. “Create” handles the entire creative process involving design and branding. DGTLSuite’s modules can be licensed individually or in bundles, and the 24x7x365 digital care managed service is affordably priced using a volume based model.
Efficiency, Affordability, Flexibility

For a firm that comes with an assortment of cutting-edge software applications, DGTLsuite’s client onboarding process is surprisingly fast and simple, with the technical implementation part taking less than one business day. “For clients with complex customer care or content workflows, we generally take about a week to work with them and build their knowledge management system, internal processes and procedures, and to train their users before they’re up and running,” informs Williams.

We want our clients to use the automation capabilities to improve scale and reduce the overall cost of customer care

Users can log into DGTLsuite’s Engage tool and view each incoming ‘item’ –each item is a customer digitally interacting with the company, whether it’s from social media comments, shares or tags, online digital reviews, chatbot or website interactions, or any digital engagements connected to the platform – including e-mail and text messages.“The user of the software platform will be promoted to select the most suitable protocol from the integrated knowledge management system, select the right course of action based on pre-defined protocols and processes, respond to customers either publicly or through a private message channel, and have conversations with them to resolve their issues,” explains Williams. Additionally, the platform also has the capability to move issues between people and teams, and integrate with internal applications through its open API.

Highlighting the efficiency of DGTLsuite solutions, Williams talks about the higher ROI for its clients. “Clients using our solutions for as little as six months start to see changes in customer behaviors that drive profitability and savings,” he says. “We’re looking for B2C companies that have a large market opportunity and customer base in an industry where customer service can easily be delivered digitally,” he further states.

Going forward, the DGTLsuite’s Automate platform is set to transform itself, incorporating self-service AI and machine learning. And assisting the Automate platform is DGTLsuite’s Smart Filters, an automation tool that employs NLP, RPA, and AI to track all instances of customer conversations regarding brands in the digital space. “We want to use that automation capability to respond to customers’ online conversations,” Williams states, proposing the implementation of intelligent chatbots as a stepping stone to a much larger conversation around the transformative capabilities and extreme cost advantages of Service Automation.”

Employing more such innovative approaches, DGTLsuite will be continually exploring the frontiers of digital customer engagement, leveraging cutting-edge technology to bridge the communication gap between companies and consumers.


San Antonio, TX

Shaun Williams, Founder and CEO

Customer expectations are consistently being reshaped by sweeping advances in technology and high-quality digital customer experience is expected in every brand’s online interactions. The SaaS model of DGTLsuite solves the four largest problems businesses face in meeting the demands of their customers online: digital community management, customer care service automation, creative content logistics, and actionable insights from analytics