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Communication and wireless service providers today are experiencing revenue and resource challenges due to declining market share from OTT apps, and flat to declining average revenue per user. Enterprises are pressured to augment customer experience and mobile experience while trying to manage the messy security and connectivity issues brought forth by BYOD and consumerization of IT trends. Dialogic helps wireless services providers and enterprises surmount complexities in a fiercely competitive market environment with its applications and infrastructure solutions that are based on big data, cloud deployment, and integration abilities and features available in social media, video, and smartphone.

“The competitive world is changing rapidly for service providers, and they need to be able to respond quickly, working with platforms and vendors that provide them the flexibility and extensibility to evolve, compete, and win,” said Bill Crank, President and CEO of Dialogic. “Dialogic can supply ‘mission-critical’ real-time communications applications directly to our customers. We recently acquired APEX Communications and we’re investing in resources to provide full application development customization of existing applications to meet the needs of customers.” The Dialogic Application Framework Architecture enables customers to build their own apps such as real-time communications media servers, signaling technology, and load balancers.

Dialogic’s technology, coupled with the power of its open systems approach to product development, has made it a catalyst for its customers and partners to innovate as they deploy networks, and develop revolutionary communication applications. It supports popular features such as real-time video and audio communications, social media, and analytics while making sure they are secure and optimized for mobile and the cloud.

Dialogic also offers Telecom Equipment and Software, Media Servers, Session Border Controllers, Network Congestion Solutions, Application Enablement, Unified Communication, Network Infrastructure Solutions, and Video Gateways to service providers. Additionally, Dialogic creates custom applications based on a need to migrate, or to create a brand new application.

Having invested heavily in network function virtualization (NFV) technology, Dialogic also give the CIOs the option to select best-of-breed applications to deliver solutions to their customers. The Parsippany, NJ-based firm makes NFV real, working with leading providers like Oracle to demonstrate interoperability between their media server and Oracle’s Management and Orchestration solution. “We know that interoperability is the key for a smooth-sailing, heavily automated NFV network,” elaborates Crank.

We know that interoperability is the key for a smooth-sailing, heavily-automated NFV network

Being in the marketplace for over three decades, Dialogic focuses on delivering software and hardware voice solutions based on computer off the shelf (COTS) hardware. Evolved to deliver high density, cloud centric solutions to both service providers and enterprises, the firm tries to break the mold by proffering solutions that partners can customize, and deliver new and innovative solutions to the customers. In this way, the voice market would develop based on new, innovative, better, and lower cost solutions.

"We differentiate ourselves by providing solid, reliable products while innovating the solutions that our customers are looking for,” describes Crank. Dialogic offers flexibility and do not force the customers to “rip and replace.” A good example of customer success is seen with NewNet. The customer recently acquired VoltDelta, and wanted to virtualize their VoltDelta-hosted call center voice applications. They approached Dialogic PowerMedia XMS media processing software to support their transformation by changing their business model to a software-as-a-service delivery model. With Dialogic’s platform, customers now have features that deliver core contact center capabilities such as call recording, call conferencing, in-queue announcements, and IVR call routing applications.

“We strive to deliver mission-critical solutions by improving our daily operational objectives and offering new innovative solutions to better serve our customers,” says Crank. Looking forward over the coming years, Dialogic is planning to pursue partnership with the leading providers of solutions to enterprise and service providers. “We will continue to invest in NFV technology–to bring our entire portfolio to be cloud-centric, virtualized, and software-based,” delineates Crank. “We deliver solutions around the world today, and expect growth in all regions.”


Parsippany, NJ

Bill Crank, President & CEO

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