DialogTech: Optimizing Marketing ROI with Call Analytics

Irv Shapiro, CEO
Even in today’s digital world, a phone conversation is often the best way to acquire and retain customers. Inbound calls remain an important part of the customer journey for industries with complex, expensive, infrequent, or urgent purchases, including automotive, financial services, health care, telecom, home services, tech, travel, retail, and more. And thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, calls to businesses from digital advertising have exploded: Mobile search, social, and display advertising alone drove over 129 billion calls to US businesses in 2017. What’s more, those calls are often the most valuable leads, converting to revenue 15 times more than online conversions.

For businesses that value inbound calls, DialogTech provides a unique marketing solution that bridges the gap between digital and voice. The DialogTech Voice Management Platform provides actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls, capturing the channel, ad, search keywords, and website interaction that drove each call, as well who the caller is, their geographic location, where the call was routed, what was said on the call, if the call converted, and more. DialogTech integrates these insights into Adobe Marketing Cloud, providing a holistic view of the customer journey—online and over the phone—and enabling digital marketers and agencies to take the same data-driven approach to calls as clicks.

By connecting DialogTech with Adobe Marketing Cloud, marketers can:

● Understand the customer journey: DialogTech and Adobe Analytics provide a single, complete view of the customer, online and offline.

● Optimize digital advertising ROI: Marketers can use DialogTech with Adobe Media Optimizer to automatically reallocate budget to the channels, ads, and search keywords driving the best conversions at the lowest costs, both online and over the phone.

● Analyze conversations for marketing insights: DialogTech has industry-leading AI, machine learning, and conversation analytics tools for marketers to understand what happens on calls, including if calls are answered, what the caller said, how the sales agent performed, if the caller converted, and the value of the call to the business.

DialogTech empowers marketers and agencies to optimize customer engagement strategies through call attribution and analytics

● Target audiences likely to call: Marketers can use data and insights from DialogTech with Adobe Audience Manager to target audiences likely to call across digital channels. Businesses can identify past callers who didn’t convert, customers who prefer to call, and new lookalike audiences likely to call and target them with the right ad at the right time for the right cost.

● Personalize call experiences: Businesses can extend the personalized online experience to consumers that call. DialogTech uses real-time intelligence on each call to automatically connect callers with the best business location or sales agent to convert them to a customer.

“Today’s consumer engages with businesses in whichever way is most convenient,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech, “and they expect businesses to provide personalized, relevant experiences across every channel, including voice. DialogTech provides marketers with the same visibility and ownership of the call channel that Adobe Marketing Cloud does for digital. Together they provide businesses and agencies with a complete omnichannel marketing solution to drive growth.”

As an example, CDW, one of the world’s largest providers of technology and services, is one business using DialogTech and Adobe to grow revenue. Prior to DialogTech, CDW attributed online revenue to their digital advertising using Adobe, but were missing a large portion of their business handled over the phone. Implementing DialogTech enabled them to use Adobe Analytics, to understand the entire customer journey and Adobe Media Optimizer to optimize marketing spend to drive more of the calls that drive sales, increasing marketing-driven revenue and digital ROI for the company.


Chicago, IL

Irv Shapiro, CEO

DialogTech provides actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls, enabling business and agencies to optimize marketing ROI and drive growth

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