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Trace Tervo, Co-founder & President
Founded in 1988 on a mission to help organizations improve communication and collaboration, DidItBetterSoftware, based in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, offers a complete line of productivity tools and enhancements to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. A pioneer of Exchange public folder synchronization software, the company has developed and enhanced its solutions over the last decade to meet its customers’ evolving synchronization needs to improve mobile productivity. “In a system where an individual’s work affects another, we help companies find the pathway which allows users to collaborate and easily share information. It makes for better knowledge workers with round-theclock information updates irrespective of the devices they use,” says Trace Tervo, President, and DidItBetter.

Our versatile Outlook and Exchange sync tools help an enterprise use wired and mobile devices to distribute and collect company information about events, people and tasks

DidItBetter offers Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync Suite, a server-side solution which automatically syncs items between any combination of Exchange public folders or Outlook personal folders and on any device. It supports synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, mail, and notes folders. In addition, Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync Suite can be set up to provide global address list (GAL) synchronization to users’ personal folders for viewing these contacts on mobile devices.“DidItBetter was the first company to offer full-featured synchronization tools for Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365 users across mailboxes and public folders and is compatible with any smartphone mobile device synchronizing to your mailbox,” says Tervo. Users have the ability to set up a one way sync for view only access or a bi-directional sync to allow the viewers to modify the information.
Add2Exchange can also be set up for what Tervo refers to as a ‘full mesh’ sync, allowing users to create items anywhere and automatically updating users’ folders who are involved in the ‘sync mix’. This improves information flow among workers in an organization.

“In the Enterprise, our solutions connect the wired organization to mobile device users with information contained in Exchange public folders or other private mailboxes. This allows them to view and update the information on the go,” Tervo says. “This kind of data mining is the wave of the future because it is so configurable to the function needed.”

Users can also use private to public relationships to centralize the exchange of information into common public folders, or the same information can also be sent to other connected users. “Many use Add2Exchange to create an aggregate group calendar or shared company contacts making it available to others or for helping protect company data,” explains Tervo. The company also offers Add2Outlook, a client-side sync solution for Office 365 and Outlook users in a shared hosted Exchange environment, who do not use a dedicated on-premise Exchange server.

In addition to its expert sync solutions, DidItBetter also provides CRM solutions for Microsoft Office users and task management solutions for Outlook users. DidItBetter’s innovative solutions are used by small office/home offices (SOHO), medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises including Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 corporations as well as academic institutions, non-profit organizations and military & government agencies. One of the company’s end users, Global Radio, the UK’s commercial radio brand, was looking for a solution to put their internal global address list onto every corporate mobile device they provide to their staff. The company zeroed in on DidItBetter’s Add2Exchange Enterprise solution over others. Add2Exchange is now completely transparent to the company’s users, offering an end-to-end solution with no requirement of user intervention.

Going forward, the company’s goal is to continue developing easy to use, versatile solutions which in turn help the users work better, faster, and more efficiently through seamless communication patterns they can control.

DidItBetter.com Software

Odessa, FL

Trace Tervo, Co-founder & President

Specializes in the development of data mining software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, which enhances the participation and utility of mobile device users