Digi International: The Leader in Secure, Reliable IoT Connectivity

Joseph T. Dunsmore, CEO and President
With nearly 30 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence, Digi is the leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things. Digi’s wide range of end-to-end embedded and non-embedded technologies and deep expertise in connecting machines enables the company to address the wide array of needs in markets such as oil and gas, energy, transportation, retail, medical, and more.

The company’s diverse product portfolio, which includes the world’s No. 1 RF module, XBee, as well as cellular enterprise routers, embedded solutions, and a robust cloud-computing platform, translates into faster time to market for demanding customers who rely on Digi for secure and reliable solutions. When a standard Digi component or product is not a suitable solution, Digi can even build custom cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. hardware products for specific markets and applications.

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, Digi is well-positioned to partner with global device makers in all major markets.

We specialize in mission-critical devices and demanding applications that require secure, reliable connectivity

Additionally, Digi has strong relationships with partners and distribution channels worldwide. Approximately 15 percent of annual revenue is invested in research and development, with an emphasis on cutting-edge wireless technology for a number of rapidly growing industries around the world.

“We specialize in mission-critical devices and demanding applications that require secure, reliable connectivity,”said Jeff Liebl chief marketing officer at Digi International. “In our view, wireless technology is the rapidly growing subsector in the overall IoT market space. If you have a hammer, all business problems tend to look like a nail. Instead, customers want access to a range of tools to solve unusual computing and connectivity challenges. In the IoT, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.”

Digi International

Minnetonka, MN

Joseph T. Dunsmore, CEO and President

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