Digility, Inc: Digitizing Wealth Management

Madhu Kumar, President & Head of North America
With in-depth knowledge and more than two decades of expertise in guiding multiple Fortune 500 companies in implementing new strategies, Madhu Kumar, President and Head of North America of Digility is successfully driving his company to cater to today’s wealth management industry needs. “Efficiently connecting to consumers, utilizing enterprise data for insights, and automating business processes are essential for business success,” he adds. To sustain revenue growth and retain market share in an increasingly competitive landscape, financial enterprises’ IT departments need to improve efficiency and speed of execution of projects while maintaining control on cost and capital outlays. Financial institutions and banks with aging IT infrastructure require digital transformation, which demands upgrading and maintaining existing systems, integration of new technologies in addition to develop on the strong principles of professionalism, commitment, and primary understanding of financial enterprises’ specific requirements, the New Jersey based Digility—a fully owned subsidiary of Mastek—is successfully developing and implementing digital multi-site agile transformation solutions in the wealth management arena. “We aid in the digital transformation of financial companies to gain business value by ensuring consistency in user experience,” says Kumar.

Digility’s digital experience platform offers a suite of services including agile service management, business intelligence, and software testing to optimize wealth management. Assisting organizations to gain improved ROI by implementing new technology platforms, the company’s agile service management, Adapt 2.0™, helps clients build end-to-end software solutions which are specific to an organization’s needs, enabling quick implementation of projects. Further, the firm suggests employing best practices to fit industry standards. “We have developed agile development methodologies to offer clients continuous integrations and automation to make wealth management processes simpler,” adds Kumar. The company’s high quality testing services ensure enterprises improve in quality and maturity of new software platforms and drastically reduce development costs and enhance process continuity.

We aid in the digital transformation of financial companies to gain business value by ensuring consistency in user experience

The firm’s unique capabilities in harnessing big data through data management services enable enterprises to utilize in-house data to its potential, providing insights into business opportunities, empowering corporate management to employ smart methodologies for wealth management.

The firm’s commitment toward tailoring client specific financial solutions has helped many organizations clear business roadblocks. To quote an example, International Personal Finance (IPF), a provider of home credits and digital loans, struggled with a primitive data platform that offered a weak customer experience and decreased KPIs as a result of increased processing time and delays in customer enquiries. IPF delivers home credit related information to a large customer-base and needed to improve in-house data management and processing capacity. To resolve the issue, Digility/Mastek Group was engaged, improving the process design as well as optimized data delivery. Additionally, the firm employed best practices harnessing old databases and processing data while prioritizing job executions. This rapidly improved the overall performance, helping the client increase end-to-end KPI to more than 91 percentage. The partnership empowered IPF to rapidly reduce processing time from 10 hours to just 30 minutes in many of their business geographies.

Within a year of incorporation in the U.S., Digility has successfully served financial organizations with their unique and customer-centric digital wealth management solutions and is continuously evolving to provide improved agile methodologies and practices. Besides carving a niche in the financial landscape, to bring in more features and leading edge technology solutions in the retail digital commerce arena, the firm is investing toward inorganic acquisitions to incorporate technologies from proven solution providers.

Digility, Inc

Bridgewater, NJ

Madhu Kumar, President & Head of North America

Providing a digital platform for seamless wealth management.

Digility, Inc