DigiPlex: Innovative and Sustainable Digital Ecosystem

Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO
“With skyrocketing costs of maintaining an in-house data center, global enterprises will increasingly be moving to an outsourced solution, one where they host their data in the geography where it makes most business sense,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO, DigiPlex. Eckhoff says that it is DigiPlex’s geography, located across the Nordic region that allows it to give an edge to its international customers.

“The new tax legislations make electricity very cheap here,” he continues. “A U.S. firm deploying 12MW over 10 years will save $100+ million by placing their data center in the Nordics over an equivalent in the UK. This is just based on the difference in the cost of power.” Secondly, as cooling plays a major role in data center maintenance, the cool Nordic climate favors the operation of extremely efficient and sustainable data centers. All of DigiPlex’s data centers run on 100 percent renewable energy, which offers customers an extremely low carbon footprint. Lastly, excellent fiber connections within the region help to propel the trend of international companies choosing Nordic-based DigiPlex to host their data.

DigiPlex has garnered numerous awards for their innovation in cutting-edge data center solutions as well as their commitment to sustainability. Most recently, they were awarded the ‘Critical Environment Future Thinking Award’ at the 2016 annual EMEA Datacenter Dynamics Awards.

Eckhoff says corporate social responsibility will become increasingly important for companies in the coming year. “Our ambition is to see where we can reuse the heat from our data centers and deliver it to our local neighborhoods. This will drive down costs and carbon footprint for customers and benefit the society at large.”

Flexibility is another aspect of DigiPlex’s point of focus for its clients. “We enable our customers and their customers to grow their business as part of our interconnected ecosystem for critical digital operations. We work with firms across the spectrum from fast growing cloud players like Intility to leading financial firms such as Nasdaq. With each customer, we work hard to understand their strategy, support their business requirements and reduce their costs.”

We cover all the bases like financing, building, and operating the data centers. All our customers have to do is get the key and move in

Underpinning this promise is DigiPlex’s 16-year track record of 100 percent uptime and its proactive management of its data centers. All of DigiPlex’s data centers are managed to comply with the latest International Standards Organization’s requirements on quality (ISO 9001), security (ISO 27001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). DigiPlex’s continued compliance with these standards will ensure the facilities meet, and often exceed, the level of service demanded by customers.

In addition to providing co-location, DigiPlex designs data centers to customer specifications. DigiPlex provides tailored designs and services to each client focusing on their operational needs, both present and future. EVRY, one of the Nordic’s largest IT service providers, recently sought the help of DigiPlex to consolidate its 16 data centers operations into a new state-of-the-art facility on a tight deadline. “We were determined to meet the business and technical goals, and they were particularly stringent. EVRY needed a very low ‘power usage effectiveness’ of 1.2 within a strict sustainability framework. We were able to fulfill their specific requirements,” says Eckhoff.

DigiPlex has adopted an innovative, multifaceted approach to ensure it delivered the data center on time and budget. This has included issuing a bond on the Oslo Stock Exchange—the first time a publicly traded bond has been used to fund construction of a data center. Eckhoff explains, “Since we cover all the bases like financing, building, and operating the data centers, all our customers have to do is get the key and move in. We take the responsibility of maintaining and running it for them.”


Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden

Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO

DigiPlex is the Nordic leader for innovative and sustainable data centers