Digital Defense: A Cornerstone to Effective Security Management

Larry Hurtado, President & CEO
Today, the digital security industry is seeing strong growth and innovation, following an upsurge of data breaches and incipient susceptibilities. In this environment, security inculcation and training must break through the information overload. Digital Defense Inc. (DDI), a provider of managed security risk assessment solutions, helps organizations overcome security challenges. “We enable security professionals to deal with dynamic environments, evolving technology, and help them manage and analyze information to facilitate proactive security measures," says Larry Hurtado, President and CEO at DDI. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services that reveal vulnerabilities in an organization’s computing networks and business environments and prioritize recommended remediation to quickly drive out risk.

The company’s proven methodology reduces risk and keeps information, intellectual property, and reputations secure. DDI prides itself on providing services in a manner that minimizes time and capital required to fully realize solution benefits. “Our design, build, and operate (DBO) process allows us to capture client requirements and then build efficient solutions for them,” says Hurtado. The DBO process used to turn-up the company’s Managed Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings results in exceptional value.

The company delivers solutions through Frontline Vulnerability Manager, a proprietary cloud-based system that offers clients powerful assessment and remediation management capabilities. Leveraging this technology, DDI is able to effectively assist organizations of any size and industry. DDI’s patented scanning and proprietary network endpoint correlation technology helps organizations to not only perform thorough evaluations of their computing networks, but also to effectively and efficiently manage assessment results over time. Since network devices move and change frequently, sophisticated correlation technology is crucial to maintaining the security of production assets.

DDI’s Security GPA® (Grade-Point Average) rating system provides a clear picture of an organization’s security posture. “Security GPA® is a composite of security as well as business risk,” says Hurtado. “The rating system allows security professionals to readily understand and communicate the security posture of their computing devices and networks to individuals throughout their organizations, including Executive Management.”
Furthermore, DDI is providing high impact security awareness training programs which help clients rapidly educate employees on how to effectively thwart cyber criminal attacks such as phishing. These programs are designed to instill lasting change in the preparedness of all staff to fend off attempts to compromise the security of an organization.

While technology is an important aspect in detecting frailties; having an observant and a responsive team of security experts is another significant benefit offered by DDI. “Our team is comprised of diverse skill sets,” says Hurtado. “Our VRT (Vulnerability Research Team) and certified Security Analysts are thought leaders in the information security industry.” Having industry certified analysts and combining them with a cloud-based managed security solution, DDI helps to relieve many of the burdens associated with information security management.

One of the hallmarks of DDI is to help organizations establish more continuity in their information security programs. DDI helps minimize the impact organizations face when security resources depart unexpectedly. “With our Managed SaaS solutions, organizations know the security history of their networks and environments will not be not lost when individuals leave, nor will they be challenged to find persons with specific assessment tool skill sets, as is the case when premise-based solutions are procured,” says Hurtado.

With our Managed SaaS solutions, organizations are aware about the security history of their networks, and establish more continuity in their information security programs

Moving forward, DDI is focused on expanding their technology partner associations. The company is investing in forming partnerships that make a difference and help organizations deal with the changing environments. “We are leveraging technology, wherever possible, to efficiently validate that the security mechanisms that have been employed to protect digital assets are properly configured, installed and maintained over time,” concludes Hurtado.

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Larry Hurtado, President & CEO

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