Digital H2O: Enabling Digital Oilfield Water Management

As a savant entrepreneur with two decades of strategy and management experience in the IT and energy industries, Piers Wells was determined about creating innovative solutions to business problems. “One of the challenges upstream producers face when reducing water related costs, is a lack of good information and the necessary visibility into the water asset landscape,” begins Piers Wells, CEO at Digital H2O. The Chicago, IL based firm, Digital H2O was initially started to ease the problem for the upstream unconventional oil and gas industry. Today the company operates on Wells’ philosophy of brining real-time visibility into current water inventory and related assets, water asset landscape.

The company’s Water Asset Intelligence platform offers a digital and interactive mapping solution with exceptional data modeling and visualization for enabling cost effective and sustainable use of water in oil and gas production. “Our software-as-a-service platform enables oil and gas companies in North America to more cost effectively, and sustainably, manage oilfield water,” asserts Wells. Digital H2O applies proprietary machine learning algorithms to precisely foresee produced water, water demand for well completions, and utilization of disposal well assets. The firm is presently focused at building additional functionality that provides operators with better visibility into the fully burdened lifecycle costs for water. The platform aids clients to identify new market opportunities and quantify market share to understand the competitive landscape and benchmarking for acquisitions and investments.

The Water Asset Intelligence platform leverages improved sophisticated analysis and data aggregation techniques to reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water for oilfield service companies and oil and gas producers. With its customizable online dashboard features and user-friendly design, sophisticated water production analysis and forecasting, users can quickly reduce cost and manage water more productively. “We bring the power of world class Big Data to oilfield water management to make important decisions,” notes Wells. “We help operators and service companies find opportunities to save money and use water more efficiently, which is good for our customers and for the communities in which they operate.” These types of digital capabilities will help enable upstream producers to survive and then thrive in the new lower oil price market reality.

We bring the power of world class Big Data to oilfield water management to make important decisions

As a testimony of such expertise, Digital H2O assisted Clear Water Resources, an oilfield waste management company to streamline data aggregation and enhance in-house analysis. They required up-to-date information and data on areas that were producing significant water volumes, to determine the most attractive opportunity. To end this need, Digital H2O’s Water Asset Intelligence platform leverages advanced data aggregation techniques and sophisticated analysis to uncover new economic opportunities and reduce the life-cycle cost of managing water. The output was a digital, interactive mapping solution with exceptional data visualization. Ensuing this, the Clear Water estimates water production volumes in proximity to their water management assets, to visualize customer diversity, and market share on a lease by lease basis. Furthermore the solution prioritizes locations for new facilities by isolating what is happening in the regional oilfield water market. “This allowed us to reduce expenses as well as improve internal productivity,” Charlie Manning, VP, Corporate Development, Clear Water Resources.

Digital H2O seeks to simplify and advance the way its customers navigate the oilfield water landscape, while promoting the sustainable use of water resources in energy production. “We are leveraging patented predictive models to help customers accurately predict their future water related requirements based on the current producing portfolio and anticipated new completion activity,” concludes Wells.

Digital H2O

Chicago, IL

Piers Wells, CEO

Develops software solutions for the end-to-end management of water in oil and gas operations.