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Joel Rafuse, Founder
When Joel Rafuse started servicing legal clients in the early 1990’s, there was a need for computers which could be widely adopted to share documents. Rafuse set up Net¬Ware networks for the firms to make their operations much more efficient allowing the users to share, store and retrieve documents. “From there we have evolved our services and knowledge to serve the entire SMB market,” recalls Rafuse, Founder of Digital nGenuity.

With the explosion of devices and applications, modern networks are becoming more sophisticated—With IoT and SDN among others making inroads into the enterprise—and at the same time they are messy to operate owing to budget constraints and security concerns. Taking into consideration the predicament at hand, today, the firm provides a complete suite of network management services that includes hardware supply, management services, WiFi services, along with design and implementation. “Our model is to become the IT department for companies that do not have their own IT Department,” says Rafuse.

Digital nGenuity helps its clients re-evaluate their infrastructure to accommodate the increased needs and loads of the modern day. The firm also works with clients to upgrade their systems and firewalls to allow them to gather and monitor more information and educate the clients about emerging risks. “We provide a secure, proactive network to reveal vulnerabilities and help in upgrading the security technology of the IT infrastructure efficiently,” informs Rafuse.

“We also actively encourage our client base to start embracing the options available such as Office 365, Hosted servers, and other cloud based services with attractive monthly fees that remove much of the guesswork from IT budgets,” says Rafuse. With Digital nGenuity, firms can migrate their services to cloud without the frustration of “slow speed access” to documents or hosted servers.

To provide the best-of-breed solution to their clients, the firm reviews the entire network infrastructure of the client by considering the pain-points that they experience and want to highlight.

Our model is to become the IT department for companies that do not have their own IT Department

After which the expert team at Digital nGenuity recommends solutions that can improve their IT experience and facilitate them to work without hindrance.

Digital nGenuity’s comprehensive networking solution was leveraged by a small medical device store that caters to folks with snoring problems. The client was using NAS file storage and home networking equipment for their firewall and switching. “We reviewed their infrastructure and employed a network wide Windows Domain with WatchGuard Firewall VPN solutions and Cisco Networking equipment that increased their Internet capabilities,” says Rafuse. The client is now able to rapidly add new branches without network bottlenecks or security concerns.

“We invest a lot of time in looking at new and emerging technologies,” says Rafuse. He believes that while taking time from working on client networks to “play” with new technology may seem to be a waste of time to competitors, “we find it brings big returns in utilizing those technologies.”

“We have competition like any business but our growth has come from word of mouth referrals. We have a very high retention rate with our clients and they tend to let other companies know that we do a great job,” smiles Rafuse.

In the past, the firm has acquired several of their competitors and Joel Rafuse plans to continue the same. “We do not strive to make the most money (at the expense of poor customer service) or be the largest company (bigger is not always better in our book), but rather strive to build a strong resilient company that focuses on a quality experience for its customers, prospects and employees.”

Digital nGenuity

Nova Scotia, Canada

Joel Rafuse, Founder

Digital nGenuity provides a complete suite of network management services across all ecosystems

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