Digital Nirvana: Media Management that’s a Breed Apart

Hiren Hindocha, President & CEO
Today, the burgeoning of data in the M&E industry is a direct indication of the public’s mounting appetite for content—especially anytime anywhere video and on any device. For media companies who are looking to improve their business efficiency and performance, while combating content distribution and consumption related challenges—the ability to effectively analyze and manage the vast volumes of data is critical. “The need of the hour is a media management system that can capture content from multiple digital platforms while monitoring for quality and compliance,” states Hiren Hindocha, President and CEO, Digital Nirvana. Taking over the media-centric world with their knowledge management solutions, Digital Nirvana offers products and services specifically designed for broadcasters, cable companies, and content distributors. With a deep seated knowledge in digital technology, the company enables M&E firms of all sizes to automatically acquire, compile, and organize large volumes of data for analysis, troubleshooting, and decision-making.

While the company’s media management platform captures and analyzes multiple hybrid video feeds, Nirvana’s monitoring solutions, AnyStreamIQ and MonitorIQ allow broadcasters to reliably monitor streamed media. A cost effective and cloud based solution, AnyStreamIQ ensures that a client’s live stream is up and running with no loss of video, audio or closed captions. On the other hand, MonitorIQ combines signal monitoring, air-check logging, ad verification, competitive analysis and content repurposing while running on a highly scalable open media appliance. Other features of the MonitorIQ include smart search and alerts, frame accurate cut clip editing, and a variable speed playback option. In addition, to rapidly produce broadcast-ready HD clips from the monitoring log, Digital Nirvana offers MediaPro, a content repurposing system which can re-broadcast clips on websites. Easy to use and compatible with all standards-compliant web browsers, MediaPro helps broadcasters easily record content and then cut, clip and share with social media. “Since social media publishing is both time intensive and time sensitive, Digital Nirvana can help you gain more followers and better audience engagement by reviewing broadcast videos, clipping enticing content, packaging it with relative meta-data, and publishing it to your web and social media pages,” says Hindocha.

Since social media publishing is both time intensive and time sensitive, Digital Nirvana can help you gain more followers and better audience engagement

For optimum client benefit, Digital Nirvana also offers media monitoring, market intelligence and analysis services that help customers streamline operations, accelerate lead times, and gain a competitive edge. “Our affordable web based services include advertisement tracking analysis, audio/ video logging, and post production closed captioning services,” remarks Hindocha. The company recently launched an enhanced version of their subtitling offering, to include pop-on and roll-up captioning services for all technology platforms. “Extending our services into the closed captioning arena aligns with our company mission to deliver smart technologies that empower our customers,” ascertains Hindocha. To help clients make accurate time-bound decisions, the firm also delivers reliable research and data analytics.

Moving forward, Digital Nirvana plans on further advancing their media management platform, to create quality experience for customers, all while streamlining workflow and reducing costs. “Broadcasters are transitioning to an IP environment and at the same time leveraging the cloud. It is our vision to expand our offerings beyond traditional broadcast media, offering powerful tools to help our customers monitor and manage any type of media in the entire ecosystem. Our mission is to deliver these tools with an ideal combination of price and performance,” ends Hindocha.

Digital Nirvana

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Hiren Hindocha, President & CEO

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