Digital OnUs: Runway for Continuous Testing

Vineeth Rajagopal, Chief Business Officer & Innovation Head
The software testing space has been evolving like never before. From manual testing to quality assurance, the industry is rapidly moving towards a much broader concept of ‘quality engineering’. “To accomplish this, companies are looking for integrated and continuous testing and delivery tools,” says Vineeth Rajagopal, Chief Business Officer and Innovation Head, Digital OnUs. True continuous delivery ensures automation, standardization, agility, and enhanced risk management in their quality/ performance engineering processes. Also, integration and delivery is impossible without continuous testing and quality monitoring. “In such a scenario, organizations need to reuse and realign their existing quality engineering automation capabilities.” Enter Digital OnUs, a Palo Alto, CA based company that helps organizations to orchestrate continuous testing across their development, staging, and production environment, with tight continuous feedback loops. “We optimize and accelerate quality engineering process to attain continuous testing, leveraging user telemetry data and the right set of automation tools; a must have for DevOps adoption.”

According to Rajagopal, today’s quality engineering experts are instrumental in creating a continuous testing infrastructure and establishing an early feedback loop, which can be obtained at five different levels or dimensions—code quality, pipeline automation, application functionality, customer experience (A/B test automation), and telemetry. “To involve an application thought process at the start, Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is the way to go, leveraging open source tool set.” By linking back their telemetry to the four other dimensions, organizations can improve automated build deployments, code coverage analysis, production monitoring, and on-demand environment provisioning. “This helps in optimizing your testing by leveraging your telemetry data or production data.” It also allows quality engineers to identify defects in real-time through quality engineering. Digital OnUs follows this ‘agile testing pyramid’, where SDETs bring in multiple levels of automation starting from unit, API and UI. In a nutshell, this process improvises the application features that needs to be tested or created, delivering enhanced customer experience.

We optimize and accelerate quality engineering process to attain continuous testing, leveraging user telemetry data and the right set of automation tools; a must have for DevOps adoption

“We ensure a relentless full-scale automation,” notes Rajagopal. Digital OnUs has been successfully bringing this advantage for its clients by delivering more of continuous feedback. For instance, one of the company’s clients used to take three to four weeks to ensure quality of codes. “But once we implemented the five dimensions of continuous testing, the client was able to understand the feedback loop within hours and check the code on a daily basis.” As a result, the test automation was getting executed daily rather than weekly. “We follow quality engineering for which we employ consultants or engineers specializing in software development and optimize the overall view point through telemetry data.”

“We are striving towards making ‘continuous delivery truly continuous’,” says Rajagopal. The company brings in the three levels of automation—quality engineering, released engineering, and support automation—through DevOps++, which is the ticket to continuous delivery. Aimed to unlock developers’ capacity with DevOps++, Digital OnUs alongside deploys dedicated nearshore teams that build expertise on clients’ tech stack, delivering high productivity and lowering deployment time-to-market. The company is building a culture similar to that of a startup which is looking forward for open sourcing aspects, involving people together to talk about innovations that Digital OnUs brings to the table. “We have good knowledge about test automation and are always in an attempt to learn the changes in the arena, while being up-to-date,” he concludes.

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Vineeth Rajagopal, Chief Business Officer & Innovation Head

Helps organizations in orchestrating quality engineering across their development, staging, and production environment

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