Digital Pi: A Plan for Marketing Automation Success: Simplify, Standardize, Repeat

Ryan Vong, President & CEO
It’s the golden age for marketers: data and modern technologies enable companies of any size to engage people at scale faster, better, and cheaper than ever before. Now anyone with a relatively small investment in technology can leverage a massive and growing universe of data and digital signals to be really smart about what they say to whom and when. There’s certainly a big upside to using all that data and technology right, but you can’t get it right without a standard way to tap into the potential of marketing automation and interconnected systems.

Marketo®, one of the most successful marketing automation platforms available today, provides the engine and drivetrain to create engagement at global scale. Digital Pi provides a standard, flexible way to help companies deploy and operate Marketo® so they can fully capitalize on the platform’s full potential to execute, measure and continuously optimize marketing plans. Whether a company just purchased Marketo®, or they’ve been using it for years–the Digital Pi standard—a framework ensures any company using Marketo® will achieve success.

CIOs know that modern complex cloud applications require diligence, planning and sound structure when it comes to getting results. Digital Pi’s framework for Marketo® delivers on each of these areas starting from a blueprint with default definitions for all the components and processes required in a Marketo® deployment. The first step to getting a Marketo® setup right entails collecting baseline buyer journey metrics that guide demand planning from new name to closed won customer.

• Customize a proven behavior and demographic scoring model to determine when a lead is ready to be qualified by sales

• Campaign templates that simplify and standardize how marketing employs programmatic engagement

• Standard data-driven method for assigning lead sources automatically

All the marketing data and technology in the world won’t help you engage people better unless you have a standard, scalable way to use them

• Processes to monitor data intake and platform usage across people and business functions to catch errors early to correct them quickly

• Standard foundational marketing analytics to guide good decisions about what to do more of, what to do less of

“These are extended marketing practices that we call the ‘marketecture’ or marketing architecture required for maximum efficiency,” says Vong. The framework also handles the training and development of marketers to standardize programs and accelerate their digital marketing efforts.

Together with its Gold Standards framework, Digital Pi enables a predictable approach for designing and optimizing marketing automation. “We work with our clients, analyze their marketing needs, form a vision, and execute it in the form of marketing automation,” says Vong. The company engages with firms of all sizes including leading players such as Adobe, CA Technologies, and Intel.

Digital Pi works with Marketo® customers around the world, with consultants based across the United States and in the UK. The company sells and supports Omega, a performance management application for Marketo® that gives users insights to enhance performance, solve problems, and obtain actionable insights for marketing operations. The application provides insights that may not be easily available on Marketo®, such as performance bottlenecks and scoring trends to rank the health of client’s marketing efforts. According to Vong, Omega is the missing piece in the marketing automation puzzle to monitor the performance of marketing operations.

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Ryan Vong, President & CEO

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