Digital Processing Solutions (Digital Donations): Leading The Way in Alternative Fundraising Solutio

Keith orlean Founder, & president
If you’ve ever been asked to donate to charity when making a purchase there’s a good chance the company behind this technology is Digital Processing Solutions, developer of the Digital Donations fundraising technology.

Digital Processing Solutions was established in 2003 by its President, Keith Orlean a veteran of the payment processing industry. In an extremely competitive industry, dependent on lowering prices to acquire customers, the company looked to differentiate themselves by finding a niche that could set them apart from their competitors. What they found was a growing need for the non-profit industry to find alternative ways to reach donors. In order to fill this need the company developed and licensed point-of-sale fundraising software that provided charities the opportunity to solicit large segments of the population with requests for support as they pay for products at check out.

“DPS is the first and only company to develop fundraising technology for the independent ATM industry”

Since its earliest design the Digital Donations point of sale program, has grown into a suite of interactive fundraising solutions that allows consumers to donate online, at an ATM, through mobile giving and recently released a charity co-branded Prepaid MasterCard, offering donors additional opportunities to support a well respected charity when transacting. Today, Digital Processing Solutions (DPS) is considered the leading innovator in this emerging market.

The latest version of the company’s point of sale software allows retailers to promote products with an integrated marketing component called “Instant Incentives” and also includes the ability to donate using cash as well. Each receipt prints the amount of the donation and the charity supported along with the reward received.
As a Professional Fundraiser the company manages all regulatory issues regarding collection, reporting and payment of donations to the charity.

The company continues to lead the way as a developer of “alternative fundraising solutions”, with the signing of an agreement with Triton, a global manufacturer of ATM’s with 200,000+ locations worldwide. DPS is the first and only company to develop fundraising technology for the independent ATM industry and is in discussions with other manufacturers to do the same.

The Digital Donations list of prominent charities includes the American Heart Association, Special Olympics, National Multiple Sclerosis, American Cancer Society, The First Tee and many other prominent regional and national charities / foundations. Orlean states “it is extremely difficult to gain the trust of non-profits when it comes to the delicate subject of fundraising. We are proud of the many iconic names that have shown their faith in our solutions. A charities brand is their most important asset and protecting it is vital to their receiving continued support from their constituents.”

Recently, the company participated as a contributor to the creation of a technology standard for fundraising at the point-of-sale. The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the National Retail Federation (NRF) is the driving force behind this initiative. According to Orlean, this type of relationship has already led to opportunities with software vendors who have a desire to offer this solution to their customers.

Long time relationships in the payments industry has expanded distribution through the signing of major contracts with payment processors, independent sales organizations, ATM manufacturers and distributors that play a key role in providing the systems that deliver the Digital Donations platform.

Digital Processing Solutions

Melville, NY

Keith orlean Founder, & president

DPS is an alternative fund raising solutions provider for the nonprofit industry.