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CIO VendorMatt Miszewski, SVP, Sales & Marketing Historically, the modern data center has been thought of as a massive room full of servers and other complex hardware; however, as data becomes more integral to how businesses derive their revenue, the role of a modern data center becomes much more central to business strategy. “IT infrastructure and data centers are now front and center as a key part of corporate strategy,” says Matt Miszewski, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Digital Realty, illustrating the increasing importance of data centers. Digital Realty, a provider of data center and colocation solutions, has been a partner with its clients during momentous changes in the IT world, and is redefining data centers as a cornerstone of the storage and exchange of data. “We help our clients achieve their business objectives by providing connected, agile, and global data center solutions,” he adds.

The implementation of a data center strategy is a critical part of an organization’s IT strategy, and should be considered alongside data security and business continuity planning. “At Digital Realty we are aware of our clients’ challenges and are equipped to give businesses peace of mind by enabling physical security, business continuity and regulatory compliance,” adds Miszewski.

Based in San Francisco, California, Digital Realty’s name reflects its unrivaled combination of ‘technology acumen and real estate expertise’.

Businesses are increasingly storing and sharing large volumes of mission-critical data. The rise of SMACC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, and Content) and Big Data have added to overall data management complexities for both large corporations and SMBs. “Just as data is being integrated further into our personal lives, it is exploding in the business world. Global data center IP traffic has been increasing steadily for many years, and is expected to nearly triple over the next five years,” adds Miszewski.

These trends have solidified the need for data centers to address the IT infrastructure challenges of the enterprise computing environment, including easy access to a variety of interconnection options, the ability to expand to multiple locations around the world with the same provider, and access to the appropriate level of cooling and power redundancy. In addition, it’s important to address all of these requirements with the total cost of ownership in mind. “It is mandatory for businesses to consider the combined cost of adopting solutions for space, power, and connectivity. The rise of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and content means that our clients need to store, exchange and analyze massive amounts of data. As a result, our clients are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, which requires more agile and connected data centers,” Miszewski adds.

Very often, data center providers might over-price or under-price their offerings, thereby either failing to view cost-complexities from a customer’s perspective, or potentially putting their own longer term financial viability at risk – which damages the customer.
Digital Realty stands apart from the rest. The company, by pairing its holistic and cost-effective solutions with those of its alliance partners, provides customers a full spectrum of solutions encompassing a wide range of data center solutions and services.

From ‘move-in-ready’ to ‘custom-built’, Digital Realty’s solutions accelerate clients’ business growth, help them achieve their long-term objectives, and build their vision towards the future. “Ourdeployments align our clients’ workloads to their infrastructure needs at a price that’s in line with those needs. It’s an elegant way to get behind what customers are trying to achieve and what they are asking for,” says Miszewski.

The Right Approach for Clients

Digital Reality’s solutions facilitate the delivery of the ‘right workload in the right place at the right value’. The firm’s colocation solutions include access to racks, cages and services that are customizable and enable clients to lease a dedicated and secure area within the firm’s data center suites, thereby enabling clients to seamlessly align their data center requirements with changing business needs. The move-in-ready solutions are complemented by cooling and power systems which can be adapted according to customers’ business growth and requirements. From each facility, customers are connected to a wide array of network providers, and have easy access to direct connections to cloud service providers.

Digital Realty’s solutions eliminate the need for companies to perform time-consuming and highly complex tasks like site selection, land purchase and building design and help to navigate the construction and power permitting processes, avoiding roadblocks while implementing an effective data center strategy.

Offering Clients Connectivity and Physical Security

Having access to the right connectivity options is a top priority for companies looking to effectively store, exchange, and analyze their data. Digital Realty supports access to a variety of interconnection and network options. One of these interconnection options is via OPEN-IX, a community-derived effort which expands the landscape of Internet peering and interconnections. OPEN-IX promotes more open standards for internet exchanges, data transfer and connectivity. “We embrace a more open Internet peering model to liberate our clients from the constraints of the industry’s traditional peering models, which historically have not been very open,” adds Miszewski. “Whether clients select full suite deployments, colocation, or powered shells, they almost always need access to our global connectivity solutions.” In addition to this, Digital Realty has connectivity options that allow its customers to directly connect to cloud service providers like AWS, SoftLayer, vCloud Air, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft Azure. “We also help our clients connect to managed service providers, including Align and NaviSite, among others,” says Miszewski.

“Digital Realty has multiple layers of physical security with a platform that integrates access control, intrusion detection, and video management into a single and unified interface,” states Miszewski. Furthermore, the company’s data centers are well monitored and surrounded by K-rated perimeter fencing. Multiple physical check-in points inside the building and campus, alarm monitoring integrated with closed circuit television, biometric access as well as 24/7 security patrols provide state-of-the-art physical security.
A Real Testament

Digital Realty’s security offerings and industry-leading data center solutions and services provide an optimal environment for data management, regardless of vertical. The company has a long list of success stories where it has steered customers towards profit and redressed complications in security and data management. For instance, ARM Holdings, a world-renowned provider of semiconductor technology needed a fully customized, high-efficiency and high-density data center solution to accommodate its growing business. Specifically, ARM Holdings needed a data center whose design and equipment were similar to that of its existing site in Cambridge, England.

To accommodate these unique requirements, Digital Realty converted one-third of an existing powered base building in Austin, Texas into a custom-built, high-performance-computing (HPC) data center solution. The new data center facility’s design and equipment mirrored the original data center based in England and was also complemented with leading-edge high-efficiency cooling and security systems integrated into a fully customized HPC configuration. The data center facility was complemented with underground electric feeds and access to multiple telecommunication and infrastructure providers.

“ARM Holdings chose Digital Realty because it wanted an agile partner that understood its business objectives, and that could keep pace with its growth trajectory to match its international footprint,” affirms Miszewski. With Digital Realty’s solutions, ARM Holdings was able to achieve its data center and business objectives.

Due in no small part to its international footprint, in addition to ARM Holdings, Digital Realty has developed long-standing relationships with other global businesses like IBM, Facebook, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, and CenturyLink.

A Vision for the Future

Digital Realty embraces rapid change and organizations’ need for network and cloud connectivity. “Our achievements and value are not limited to the data center floor,” observes Miszewski. “Data growth will continue to explode alongside the rise of IoT and connected devices. Digital Realty is at the nexus of this trend and we believe our value truly lies in our ability to simplify the exchange of data for our customers,” he says. Digital Realty will continue to achieve success by providing agile solutions that can facilitate a rapidly scalable data center. Customers can be confident that their data strategy will evolve alongside their businesses. “This means that data will be quickly capable of being wherever it needs to be, around the world,” concludes Miszewski.

The previous era, in which the data center consisted of four walls, a power feed, and a network feed, is done; the value of today’s data center is now found in the analysis and exchange of data

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