Digital Reasoning: Provides Software That Understands Big Data

Tim Estes CEO
The ever-growing challenges around Big Data is demanding companies to implement software that 'listen' and understand data carefully. However, many machine learning systems of today are still using single algorithm methodologies to capture everything about the world, without much success. This is where Digital Reasoning brings in its innovative software that is capable of understanding human communications across all domains. Founded by Tim Estes in 2000, the company builds data analytic solutions for processing and organizing poorly structured data into meaningful information, with an analytics platform that learns from the data and gets smarter on the go.

"Digital Reasoning's machine learning-based analytics platform is able to read and understand all types of data, such as human communication. It semantically analyzes this information in context and aggregates knowledge about the world, and keeps getting smarter," says Tim, CEO.

Digital Reasoning uses machine learning techniques to accumulate the content bits through its analytical solution called Synthesys®. The solution can read information fast and connect hundreds, millions or billions of entities into a knowledge representation. In simple terms, Digital Reasoning makes 'software think more like people do.

Synthesys detects data that is unclear, and reads and analyzes it in a snap-shot.
The data can either be in the form of documents, emails, spreadsheets, or social media. It uses strong semantic relationship analysis to generate actionable information. The information that is extracted from this process can be used to understand what's important and determine what actions have to be taken in order to alleviate the risk or expand an opportunity.

Unlike others, Digital Reasoning's software does not rely upon previously proven models to make sense of the data. It derives patterns and relationships from the data itself, saving considerable time and effort by evading the need to create new models for every new type of data or analytical problem.

From identifying trading violations to connecting the dots in market research, Digital Reasoning helps clients become proactive in their efforts to accurately detect events that can have a damaging effect on their business. Its solutions also help organizations to scrutinize and examine email traffic in real-time to quickly identify risks and suspicious behavior that could present regulatory or reputational risks.

If analytics- transforming digital human language data into actionable information is getting difficult for even the most highly competent teams. However, Digital Reasoning is set to tackle this challenge in a scalable manner with its automated and intelligent analytics. The company is aiming to create a world where software learns the 'context' and 'reasoning' from human interactions and becomes more 'valuable' as the data grows and its analytics continue to reveal new and important risks and relationships.

Digital Reasoning

Franklin, TN

Tim Estes CEO

Digital Reasoning enables the automated understanding of human communication by transforming information into knowledge