Digital Spaces, Inc. (DSI): Using AI to Simplify Facility Management

Deepak Chandani, Co-Founder
Today, real estate has become an on-demand commodity. Consider the booming trend of shared workspaces in the business landscape. Such fully-equipped workspaces are not only preferred because of their flexible subscription-based leasing model, but also due to their cost-effectiveness. Thus, a startup or a company with a small team of workers can easily set up shop in a plug-and-play co-working space and enjoy a better workplace experience. However, to use the shared workspace to its fullest potential, optimization and management of the facility becomes paramount. In the light of this requirement, Deepak Chandani—expert in the field of data science—co-founded Digital Spaces Inc. (DSI), a leading-edge spatial analytics platform for facility management to provide real time insights on facility occupancy and utilization for all space types like meeting rooms, conference rooms, office rooms, and common areas in every configuration possible. DSI was born with the intent to help organizations gain real time insights of their workspace usage so they can drastically improve on the utilization. The overall industry benchmark suggests workspace utilization to be anywhere between 50- 55 percent and, looking at the cost of just maintaining the workspace, there is a tremendous opportunity for organizations to increase the utilization by 20 percent or more, thus saving millions of dollars by using a digital platform like DSI. “We make use of computer vision technology along with neural net (AI) to effectively and efficiently manage all kinds of shared workspaces. When we looked at alternate solution providers that use beacons, RFID, and different kinds of sensors, we realized the operational overheads and challenges in scaling up, and so decided to leverage the power of AI, IoT, analytics and cloud” says Deepak.

At the core of DSI platform’s capabilities is its intelligent vision solution that turns data to insights in minutes.
The DSI platform leverages advanced computer vision and neural net (AI) technology to monitor the footfall, gather demographic information, understand people’s engagement in a given physical space, and perform people occupancy detection in a workspace, in real time, on a time series—all in a very secure and non-intrusive way.

Making use of the data gathered from the intelligent vision, DSI then offers smart insights on facility capacity and its utilization through an interactive dashboard. “This feature enables the facility manager to observe occupancy and movement patterns in an office at a granular level,” states Deepak. With smart insights, an enterprise can optimize their space usage and maximize the facility’s revenue potential when selling or renting out space. This data can also be integrated with building control systems like energy management and elevator control to regulate the temperature of the floor, the area, or to position elevators on the right floors at peak traffic times, to order the right quantity of food for the cafeteria, to reduce wastage, and so on.

To elucidate the DSI platform’s capabilities, Chandani recalls a time when one of their clients wanted to optimize their office space usage across all branches. “Before partnering with us, the client was employing hardware sensors to track and decipher the pattern of space usage. However, the process of installing sensors in all their branches was a time-consuming and costly process, and the company did not have robust analytics to drive precise results from the information collected as well,” he says. After the customer turned to DSI for help, they witnessed that the cloud-based, AI-powered facility management solution delivered precise data and valuable space optimization outcomes.

Moving forward, DSI intends to empower more real estate owners with its solutions’ capabilities and broaden the horizon of co-working spaces and office hoteling trends within commercial real estate. With plans to further expand in North America and India, the company is set to penetrate newer markets and make the rest of the year a promising journey in the facility management space.

Digital Spaces, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Deepak Chandani, Co-Founder

Offers a spatial analytics platform to provide real time insights on people movement, count and engagement within a given physical space for any shared workspace be it Co-working or office space for large organizations. The platform comprises of hardware & software and is delivered to customers on SaaS (Software as a Service) based model

Digital Spaces, Inc.