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Jim Cooper, President & CEO
The popularity of digital education has never been more pronounced, with the demand for high-quality competencies and skills at its peak. However, we are still far from unleashing the full potential of this mode of learning. The possibilities of digitalization for fostering and enhancing learning can be witnessed from how the reading materials have changed from standard textbooks to word documents, PDFs, and the like. Yet, there are vast avenues still unexplored that can enable the visualization of the topic studied, which aids the learning process, engaging students and providing them with access to digital educational materials. As educational leaders seek a shift from standard readings to specialized material that caters to the learning abilities of each individual student, DigitalEd looks into the exclusive requirements of each student and personalizes the learning experience.

The interactive and dynamic material proffered by DigitalEd has proved to be a major improvement in dead formats like PDFs. DigitalEd uses a symbolic Math engine from Maplesoft on its digital learning cloud platforms to help instructors formulate questions, mark them and provide instant feedback to students. The company leverages AI to understand the specific requirements of students and tweaks the study material based on their ability to comprehend problems in a particular subject.

According to Jim Cooper, President and CEO, DigitalEd, research has revealed that the interspersion of a dynamic testing approach throughout the study material forces the reader to understand concepts and stay actively involved in the learning process. Aligned with this approach, DigitalEd furnishes a suite of tools to enhance and support education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that increases the amount of knowledge retained by a student at the end of a lesson. Of these, Möbius Courseware functions as an online courseware platform to create and deploy online STEM courses. This comprehensive platform allows instructors to create and present course materials in various methods and offers an immersive and effective online learning experience for students. Möbius Courseware not only provides stand-alone assignments and tests to students but also ensures that questions are embedded throughout its study material to actively engage students in the learning process.

We look forward to making significant improvements in education over the next decade

On the other hand, Möbius Assessment focuses solely on analyzing student understanding. It exists as a separate entity used primarily for its marking capability as an online testing and assessment system by educational institutions that do not want the superset, Möbius Courseware.

Instructors can choose available content from the cloud platform of DigitalEd for their classes, based on the internal rating provided by past users. Alternately, the platform can be utilized to develop study material from scratch. The DigitalEd platform provides analytics on the effectiveness of material for students depending on their success rate, the time taken to understand it, and flags potential learning breakdowns. Instructors can also rectify mistakes in the platform’s content, making the material better for its next set of learners.

In an instance, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) approached DigitalEd with a unique problem. The university sought to teach temporary digital courses that emphasized the value of teamwork. However, DTU was aware that in any given group, some students merely copy the results of others without putting in sufficient efforts. Möbius was able to prevent this by intelligently randomizing the assignments provided to each student, such that they had similar questions of the same difficulty level. This ensured that the students worked as a team to understand the method of solving the problem while having to work on and hand in their own assignments to attain their final grades.

In an attempt to move beyond simple adaptive courses and provide individualized learning material, DigitalEd is applying machine learning and AI to the data generated from analyzing students and course material across the globe.


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Jim Cooper, President & CEO

Designed for STEM courses, this online education solution empowers educators to enhance the learning experience