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Gayathri Choda, Partner
The upspring of business development tools across niches in the digital age of today leaves a multitude of options for formulating a hard-hitting marketing strategy and optimizing business for growth. “I came to realize that each market is at a different maturity level,” affirms Gayathri Choda, Managing Director at Digitant. Using the right sort of data and content in “carving the digital marketing footprints” of their clients and driving a higher return on investments puts Digitant in a promising space among the growing competition.

Being a leading HubSpot inbound marketing partner and boasting partnerships with Google, Facebook and companies alike, Digitant employs a unique approach in their relationships by collaboratively setting business targets with their clients. Something one cannot hear quite often in a partnership is “I am not taking my percentage on performance until we reach targets set by clients,” which is the example that Gayathri is trying to set in putting across the company’s agenda of “always putting the client first.”

Taking pride in helping clients gain visibility and traction, Digitant offers a gamut of digital marketing services. Their Digital Health Check + Strategy offering weighs the advantages and disadvantages of a current marketing plan through analytics-driven insights to provide a holistic strategy to reach customers. Consulting solutions are offered through Virtual CMO, providing consulting blocks of 10 hours per month for the ultimate guru experience. Where Digitant really shines is marketing automation, “converting potential customers into real buyers,” states Gayathri. We ourselves is an example that Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation works.

“It’s surprising to see many clients being astonished by how different parts of the business affect their outcomes and how digital is transforming it at an unprecedented speed,” Gayathri explains. One such example is a client Digitant provided scalable warehouse solutions for. After a freshly-created SEO-optimized website gained rapid exposure, the client quickly followed it by entry into digital marketing. “A phase-wise approach starting from search optimized to content marketing.

What our clients value is seeing that we as a vendor are taking as much responsibility as they are

Now you are at a stage where you can actually start adopting marketing automation,” Gayathri suggested to the client at the time, hence expanding the former $1 million business into an $8 million one. “The discussion is about where they stand, and how we can help them get from point A to point B and to Point Z. Clients must be comfortable with the idea that we understand their business,” asserts Gayathri.

Digitant runs on the spark of a young team filled with passion and very clear expectations from a business perspective. “When prospective employees come to me and say “I want to learn,” my job is half done,” asserts Gayathri, well-recognized by her employees due to her attainable background in digital marketing and publication. Moreover, a continuous professional development fuels the “fire inside of them,” as Gayathri puts it that needs to be accounted for. “Every time we get in a meeting to discuss a target that we need to achieve, they are pumped,” connotes Gayathri, “which makes the job more fun.”

Looking to the future, Digitant is clear about leaping into the b2b space with the intent to reap all of the benefits offered in the growing industry. Furthermore, the emphasis is on pushing the company’s agenda even further by educating their employees and clientele on the different aspects of digital marketing through hosting different industry events, hence always keeping their eye on the ball. “The goal of partnerships is to understand the space better to provide the highest quality of service to the client,” concludes Gayathri. “What our clients value is seeing that we as a vendor are taking as much responsibility as they are.”


Newark, DE

Gayathri Choda, Partner

Digitant offers a multitude of solutions and services in the digital marketing and analytics world to deliver the best possible results and attain high returns on investments