Digitate: Intelligent AI Solutions for Enterprise IT Ops

Akhilesh Tripathi, Chief Commercial Officer
Managing business operations with virtually no downtime may easily be at the top of the agenda for companies across all sectors in their race to stand out of the crowd and vie for customers. Time and time again, leveraging AI has proven to accelerate the overall customer experience and production. Back in 2013, Digitate noticed that organizations follow a “manufacturing conveyor belt” approach when solving IT issues. Traditional automation became a challenge and script-based tools required a larger workforce to maintain it. To address this problem, Digitate envisioned a product that was intelligent and could scale to an enterprise level. This led to the creation of ignio—a cognitive automation platform for the enterprise. Launched in 2015, ignio combines contextual intelligence and cognitive automation to resolve and prevent IT issues.

Digitate aims to reduce the time spent resolving outages with ignio. As an adaptive solution, ignio meets the rapidly changing needs of industries such as retail, banking and financial services, manufacturing, insurance, CPG, transportation and utilities. Even though IT automates processes and solves glitches, it operates very manually. According to Akhilesh Tripathi, Digitate’s Chief Commercial Officer, problem management can be broken down into three segments—acknowledgment, isolation, and resolution. For example, when there is a network issue, and an incident is logged, specialists start working on fixing the problem. There is no way to relate it to a business process, getting to the root of the problem becomes difficult, making isolation a troublesome task. ignio is able to create a blueprint that understands the KPIs and projects an updated view of the entire enterprise at all times, thus breaking silos and simplifying the process for IT.

ignio continuously learns from various data sources, allowing it to perform periodic health checks of every component and establish performance levels. The combination of machine learning and real-time analysis expedites the identification of the root cause behind an outage. With the help of contextual intelligence, the system provides accurate recommendations on the underlying issue. ignio has the required automation capabilities built in to create solutions that are contextual to the problem.

We are developing a partner ecosystem for our clients to power their solutions with our platform and algorithms to deliver even higher value

As exemplified in one case, a retailer wanted to improve their customer experience during peak season as they received an uneven amount of sales in that duration. Before the season began, ignio eliminated the underlying infrastructure issues by focusing on areas that needed the most attention. As a result, the client was able to reduce downtime and achieve high business assurance. In effect, customer transaction volume increased online and in-store as well, boosting the revenue of the company.

Since the solutions are not script-based, ignio’s accuracy and analytical skills enhance the system’s ability to detect outages. There are now three different solutions from Digitate on the ignio platform.

• ignio AIOps automates IT tasks, predicts future impacts, and reduces the time needed to identify potential outages.
• ignio AI.WorkloadManagement helps with batch jobs and automated workloads by prioritizing alerts that can have a negative impact on the business, improving stability and preventing failures.
• ignio AI.SAPOps reduces IDoc transaction errors, automates basis management tasks, and simplifies the operational complexity of SAP deployments.

According to Tripathi, the role of enterprise IT within an organization is critical in adopting newer technology paradigms that transform and impact the business. Continuing to combine contextual intelligence with a reasoning and recommendation engine, the company aims to improve customer experience and productivity. Looking ahead, Digitate plans to extend solutions to other business segments for their customers and partners.


Santa Clara, CA

Akhilesh Tripathi, Chief Commercial Officer

Award-winning ignio leverages AI in combination with contextual intelligence and cognitive automation to improve performance across apps and infrastructure