Digite: End-To-End Visibility into Software Development

Geographically dispersed teams in expanding businesses strive to accelerate the speed of delivery of business critical applications and business intelligence tools that require access to a wide range of data sources. These teams need real-time communication and collaboration tools throughout the application lifecycle. This particular observation—the need to manage development projects and teams effectively was noted by a group of serial entrepreneurs who laid the foundation of a Silicon Valley startup— Digité. The team identified that the cornerstone of success lies in realizing value proposition of an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform that enable strong collaboration with global partners, distributed teams, and customers for building world-class products and solutions. Digité offers collaborative enterprise software and solutions for Lean/Agile ALM and Visual Project Management, enabling successful collaboration and product delivery to customers.

Fueling the potency of an ALM, Digité offers SwiftALM, a Lean/Agile SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) management software coupled with PPM (Project Portfolio Management), process governance and integration features. This combination extends the capabilities of management, collaboration, product development, implementation, maintenance and support—all in one comprehensive platform—SwiftALM. Pairing up PPM with ALM aids to access accurate, most recent project status and progress metrics. This even ensures the alignment of the development efforts with corporate goals.

The firm’s ALM platform provides organizations with process modeling, end-to-end traceability and visibility, configurable dashboards, and reports displaying project progress based on relevant data which the user wishes to filter on. This highly configurable and flexible application architecture is designed to support thousands of users where the administrator would be able to perform the job of allowing or denying access to information at various levels.

Organizations are mired in a muddle of defects in software delivery owing to dependency on monolithic requirements documents and a silo-ization of functions. Tending to this challenge in effective and change management, SwiftALM segregates the overall scope of the application in various levels and allows its management at an appropriate level of granularity.In addition to this, SwiftALM allows real-time access to latest configuration management information to teams that are geographically spread by delivering integration with tools like Subversion, Git, CVS, and VSS.

SwiftALM allows real-time access to latest configuration management information to teams that are geographically spread by delivering integration with tools like Subversion, Git, CVS, and VSS

Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, SwiftALM supports the Agile software development methodology. The firm’s application allows defining and prioritizing User Story and Task template with rich text editor. Followed by this, SwiftALM’s Visual Board based Management feature uses burn-down and velocity charts to monitor the Sprint and metrics like Defect Leakage, Defect Density and others.

Digité has worked closely with clients across the globe to help them boost productivity, quality, and delivery performance. Their partnership with Comviva, a provider of mobile solutions helped the client to conveniently manage independent projects and business units. Comviva was in need of a robust solution that can standardize business processes, bring-in transparency within the organization and re-engineer certain processes for growth and sustainability. Digité’s solution automated and standardized processes and metrics across the organization at every stage of business delivery. This benefitted Comniva’s finance team to get access to accurate and timely project data to analyze the cost and profitability of all the projects.

For the future, Digité’s SwiftALM is poised to offer visibility to all the levels of software development and reduce the management complexities across various global sites.


Cupertino, CA

AV Sridhar, President & CEO

Provider of collaborative Lean/Agile ALM solutions for distributed software development, maintenance, and implementation