Digitech Systems: Document Management Simplified

HK Bain, CEO
With the growing demand for computerized/digital documents to replace physical paper records, myriad of CIOs are harnessing document management to safeguard and retrieve their mission critical information. Since the users are adopting paperless processes on a global scale, challenges associated with efficiency, control and cost are surfacing at an unprecedented speed. “However, the real challenge presented by document management is the difficulty in understanding exactly what content is available and then sorting to what is valuable, and securely managing information that requires retrieval and protection,” notes HK Bain, CEO, Digitech Systems. In such cases, efficient document management and electronic workflow processes are imperative to save time and drive business value.

Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Digitech Systems offers a complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite that enables businesses to manage information of any kind effectively, including electronic files, paper records, images, print streams, forms and email. The Digitech Systems ECM suite includes document capture and scanning, cloud or on-premise secure document repository and collaboration services, email management, workflow/ BPM, e-forms, advanced capture (data validation and routing) and forms processing (data classification and data extraction). The company’s ECM products, PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo, provide services both on-premise as well as in the cloud. “We offer our customers the ability to access any document, anywhere, anytime, and from virtually any device, simplifying document management,” says Bain.

Digitech Systems’ Forms Magic provides advanced data capture, including classification and extraction of data from paper forms. Businesses can simply run paper documents through a scanner or import electronic files and Forms Magic will recognize the type of document (classification), and automatically “read” the relevant information to generate search and database fields (extraction). Digitech Systems has filed three patents to protect the artificial intelligence underlying Forms Magic. “We’ve eliminated the need to sort documents by hand before they enter the document management system, as well as the need to manually enter the index values to find the information once it’s entered,” says Bain.
Digitech Systems ECM products are unique in the ECM industry, delivering better efficiency, more control and significant savings with faster ROI.“Our solutions are easier to implement and faster to train than any other document management tools, which adds value for our customers’ businesses,” adds Bain.

We offer our customers the ability to access any document, anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device, simplifying document management

Since its inception, Digitech Systems has delivered feature-rich, architecturally flexible document management software and services that have helped customers streamline business-critical processes. For example, Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) needed to unify its electronic medical records (EMRs) with other paper-based files. By adopting Digitech Systems PaperVision Capture, MHCD was able to convert paper files into a digital format and then use PaperVision Enterprise to securely store and organize the files for collaboration and retrieval. By deploying the combined solution, MHCD employees can access EMR data in conjunction with paper chart information and other types of records to respond to treatment inquiries and to streamline processes. Digitizing medical records also makes it easier to keep them confidential in compliance with HIPAA and ARRA regulations. According to independent analysts, the organization achieved a 1,315 percent ROI with the help of Digitech Systems.

Digitech Systems continues to pursue IT development philosophy to deliver new products that strike a sensible balance between feature/functionality and price/performance. The company also plans to continue to invest in its ECM suite, taking advantage of technologies that are currently available and developing new solutions to solve customer challenges. “Our goal is to make our customers’ businesses better, faster and more cost-effective,” concludes Bain.

Digitech Systems

Greenwood Village, CO

HK Bain, CEO

Digitech Systems offers a comprehensive ECM product suite that enables businesses to more effectively manage information of any kind.