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Aaron Falk, President
Organizations today readily embrace technology to flourish, but to truly thrive in today’s competitive business world, they need more than just that. To keep their businesses functioning smoothly, companies must implement technologies and seek to address all the areas of risk an organization must endure.

This is where well-thought-out solutions from top organizations like DiMAX Office Solutions create an impactful difference. Keenly focused on how technology and people affect a business, DiMAX is all about leveraging technology best practices to improve business operations while closing the common gaps that exist between the IT closet and C-Suite.

"Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned that what is measured can be managed, and what is managed will improve. This process leads to proactively identifying weaknesses in hardware, software, and processes before they become major problems,” says Aaron Falk, president of DiMAX.

As a single point of management, DiMAX is able to help connect the technology needs with operations reducing the complexity created by having multiple vendors doing their own thing without a unified focus on the organization’s overall strategy.

"Vendors often focus on delivering the product and service they are responsible for without seeing the big picture on how one technology or process will impact the business beyond them. Executives need to view the entire landscape to make their best business decisions,” says Falk.

With Falk at the helm, DiMAX has assembled an expert network operations team, security solutions advisors, digitization specialists, and software developers, along with the processes required to work together as a single cohesive group for clients. Beyond internal resources, DiMAX also maintains several authorized partnerships with big tech companies like HP, Dell, Fortinet, Toshiba, and Xerox, to name a few.

One customer success story of DiMAX involved a CEO, CFO, and Operations Director of an organization who had received a $2,000,000 ransom note without cyber insurance coverage. Their internal and external IT teams believed that systems could be restored without paying the ransom, which they accomplished in just under 40 days.
After being operational for less than a week, the hacker struck again, and this time with an even bigger demand. The prospect of being down another ten days wasn’t something they could stomach, which is when they contacted DiMAX, and the security team went to work on identifying how the hackers gained access while the operations team focused on the company’s technology portfolio, policies, procedures, and users. In the end, the company was operational in a couple of days, and over the next few months, we worked together on implementing better security and processes. Finally, we focused on how they were spending their IT budget, eliminating waste and redundant solutions while helping them negotiate contracts with more favorable terms. The client drastically improved the organization, brought on the security solutions they needed, and had the money to pay for it all.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned that what is measured can be managed, and what is managed will improve. This process leads to proactively identifying weaknesses in hardware, software, and processes before they become major problems

There are two special advantages that DiMAX clients enjoy. First off, technology, people, and potential problems are viewed through the lens of a business owner and a technician. DiMAX makes it easy for clients to develop a strategy and access the expertise needed to help them achieve their goals.

The second advantage is DiMAX’s incomparable done-for-you technology solutions portfolio. DiMAX provides clients with proven tools and procedures that are molded to each client’s unique needs. This eliminates the guesswork of what type of solutions an organization should have and the best practices to implement.

DiMAX’s solutions are the answer to costly technology missteps, tough contracts, and gaps in solution expertise. With the most advanced technology solutions and unparalleled resources, DiMAX is at the forefront of helping clients with their most complex IT needs.

DiMAX Office Solutions

Milton, Wisconsin

Aaron Falk, President

DiMAX unifies technology solutions for clients, lifting the fog on what a business needs and how much they should be investing in technology solutions like IT, cybersecurity, software, copiers, printers, and phone systems, along with physical security items such as surveillance camera, access control, and alarms

DiMAX Office Solutions