DiMAX Office Solutions: Technology That Arrives With Support Demand

Aaron Falk, President
Managed Print Services market is evolving from the core services of device consolidation and optimization to the one that favors long-term business improvement. “Without a question, MPS has changed from moving cartridges to controlling costs, enhancing workflows, and managing documents as well as devices,” notes Aaron Falk, President of DiMAX office Solutions. Headquartered in Janesville, WI, DiMAX was started in 2007 as a consulting and Service Company to assist clients in evaluating and controlling operating costs associated with producing and managing printed documents. The company’s offerings include hardware and software solutions along with a popular “Tool Kit”, which provides their team with everything they need to conduct an accurate assessment of client’s situation. “By identifying their goals and objectives, we develop an easy to follow, flexible roadmap for enhancements that enables automation, cost containment and other strategies related to document workflow to improve our clients’ businesses,” says Falk.

MPS has changed from moving cartridges to controlling costs, enhancing workflows, and managing documents as well as devices

DiMAX offers local as well as nationwide MPS programs which include, traditional break fix cost per page programs to Managed Document Services, cost recovery, workflow solutions and analyzing print volume and toner usage. The company’s partnership with Toshiba America Business Solutions, have given them access to service lead programs, in addition to a national printer maintenance program for most of the popular make and model devices. “TABS also provide us access to their partners which really rounds out one of the most dynamic MPS program offerings available,” asserts Falk.
“Having the right software partners will define a provider’s MPS program. We know who’s printing, from what applications, and how each device is being used. This level of analytical data helps us develop a strategy for customers far superior to some of the largest MPS providers,” he adds.

In order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of users’ data, DiMAX continually develops comprehensive security measures for Toshiba devices. Their Advanced Encryption functionality provides on-the-fly encryption and decryption of data written to the device’s hard drive.

The Data Overwrite Kit ensures that all data is erased after every fax, copy, scan and print job in order to prevent the latent storage of valuable data on the device.

DiMAX has played a major role in assisting many clients in effective cost management. They also outsource their workflow software from companies all over the world, and packages it in one comprehensive service to clients.

“We have a client that has an operating budget of $20 Million per year. Out of that a little more than $200K was spent on document related expenses. By implementing an end-to-end MPS program, DiMAX reduced their copy and print budget to about $50K annually. In 3 years they have documented almost a $500K in savings,” explains Falk.

Looking down the future horizon for printing industry, Falk notices a clear declination of printed pages. “With the impact of Interactive digital content and mobile devices for generation X, Y and the Millennial, there is a definite change in the way information is captured by these generations and it is imminent for the print industry to provide solutions that can evolve with the trend,” he says.

Thus, DiMAX will continue to develop and take their existing solutions to new heights to better serve their client’s businesses. “Doing so will not only improve the ROI for our solutions but also on other technology they are using,” concludes Falk.

DiMAX Office Solutions

Janesville, WI

Aaron Falk, President

DiMAX is a Consulting and Service Company that assists clients to evaluate and control operating costs associated with producing and managing documents.