Direct Travel: Rendering the Perfect Travel Experience

Darryl Hoover, CTO
The workplace of today has transcended beyond a single location. Nonetheless, trips to various places or travel, in general, are no longer the glamorous event as imagined earlier. More often than not, hotels and air carriers are over-crowded and over-priced, resulting in expensive travels and uncomfortable situations for corporate travelers. “Our philosophy is ‘high tech, high touch’ and we are trying to address every need of the customer by focusing on the traveler because that, in turn, will help the employers to tailor a travel plan that manages the traveler experience,” explains Ed Adams, CEO of Direct Travel. Direct Travel brings forth a suite of solutions to improve corporate travel management, minimize travel-related expenditure while focusing primarily on delivering the perfect travel experience.

An elemental factor introduced by Direct Travel as an advantage over other travel management providers is its real-time travel data analytics capability. The company leverages over 95 standard reports to provide a robust and holistic view of critical data to the employers. The solution analyzes and answers questions—such as ‘what is the traveler experiencing?’, ‘how many red-eye flights are they taking?’, ‘how many Sundays are they flying out?’ and ‘how often are they coming back after 8 p.m. on a Friday?’ “We bring visibility to our corporate customers and help them find out the correlation between their attrition and retention problems and uncomfortable travel patterns. The insights can help in modifying the plans for a better travel experience and greater efficiencies at the workplace,” says Adams.

The company’s skilled account managers are responsible for providing the best strategic plans to minimize corporate expenditure and increase ROI by negotiating great deals with the hotels, car rentals, and airlines. Direct Travel also provides online booking tools, formalized training on the usage of the solution, and 24/7 customer support.

As per Adams, the company is in the process of developing ‘Dynamic Messaging’, which would provide them the ability to communicate with the travelers in a seamless manner. The messaging solution will enable Direct Travel to inform the travelers arriving at a designated location about the basic amenities that are available to them on the basis of rate negotiated with the hotel on behalf of the client.
Ed Adams, CEO
This not only improves the travel experience but also saves clients from unnecessary expenditures.

Given the risk that travelers undergo during a journey, Direct Travel provides real-time alerts 24/7 on issues such as political disturbances, insurgencies, extreme weather conditions, and other events that might negatively impact the traveler. Furthermore, the company also provides re-accommodation services and re-schedules travel plans in case of a crisis and tailors a unique travel plan for employees dealing with confidential medical issues. Additionally, the company’s Trip Brief solution provides accurate information on the entry and exit, medical, and security plans prior to a journey. Clients can view the travel details of their employees down to the last detail during emergencies to plan the best evacuation and safety plans as well as provide the best possible medical assistance.

Direct Travel has recently joined forces with ATPI Group— one of the leading travel management and booking technology provider—to enhance travel management across the Direct Travel’s global platform and strengthen the relationships with clients outside Northern America.

Our philosophy is ‘high tech high touch’ and we are trying to address every need of the customer

With the management team spread across five regions, Direct Travel provides best-in-quality services across North America. The company continues to leave no stone unturned in driving customer value in the market and strengthening their global presence. “One of our biggest strength is our agility. As a team of well-acquainted entrepreneurs we combine our effort to provide our clients with swift results,” concludes Adams.

Direct Travel

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Darryl Hoover, CTO and Ed Adams, CEO

Provides corporate travel and risk management services to improve the travel experience of corporate employees across the globe

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