Directly: CX Automation Platform for Customer Service

Antony Brydon, Co-Founder & CEO
The dawn of technological marvels like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has transformed the complete philosophy of how modern-day organizations operate. Across industries, businesses use AI to gain insights into patterns, trends, and applications and leverage it as a differentiator for driving better business processes, engaging customers, and increasing revenue. Directly is leading this paradigm shift for CX with an enterprise platform that changes the way companies deliver customer service while radically reducing costs.

The world has moved from run-of-the-mill data-driven AI to human-in-the-loop AI, where humans are involved in training AI data sets. However, more innovation is now underway by focusing on bringing domain experts into the equation, moving from human-in-the-loop to expert-in-the-loop. “We believe two massive things are happening at the same time to redefine work and that is the distribution of work and the automation of work, and to date, those have been separate conversations. Our solution combines both of these approaches, by pairing a distributed network of knowledgeable experts and the AI together, and ultimately making automation work at scale,” asserts Antony Brydon, the co-founder and CEO of Directly.

Today, CIOs face a major challenge of discovering the structured labeled data to drive high impact solutions along with the proper utilization of resources to steer them toward effective outcomes. With a motto that better customer service begins with a better model, Directly provides an innovative CX automation platform for effective customer service. The platform helps CIO’s to build a network of domain experts who can fix both of these problems. They solve data problems by structuring unstructed data, creating huge volumes of new support content, and ultimately providing all the expertise and time required to retain AI models.

Domain experts in the loop are the secret to making AI work at scale

The understanding that there is deep passion along with great skill in a company’s user base and the realization that the expertise can be systematically applied to AI systems led to Directly’s contribution in the AI landscape. The platform helps companies transform customer service by consistently tapping highly skilled product experts from their existing customer and partner ecosystems.

Directly is powered by the expertise and knowledge of a company’s expert users to deliver better customer service at scale. Industry experts are paid to continuously update support content, provide real-time feedback that trains the AI algorithms to become more accurate, and resolve customer questions. Through its APIs, Directly assists customers with comprehensive CRM and helpdesk integrations. The whole process is highly scalable from an automation perspective as well as from an interaction perspective. The platform helps companies like Airbnb, Autodesk, LinkedIn, Microsoft, SAP, and Samsung with an effective response mechanism for responding and delivering accurate and quick answers to customers.

As a part of its ongoing partnership with Microsoft, Directly recently broadened the scope of its collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for utilizing their CRM solutions for call centers and service organizations. With the new integration, Directly will assist Microsoft customers in automating customer service operations. “Domain experts in the loop are the secret to making AI work at scale,” states Brydon.


San Francisco, CA

Antony Brydon, Co-Founder & CEO

Our CX Automation platform taps the knowledge of expert users to deliver better customer service at scale