Discovery Data: Crafting a Unique Approach to Ensure Data Quality

Bob Skea, CEO
Prior to the mainstreaming of data science, data quality was generally emphasized in the context of reports presented internally or to clients. Fast forward to today, credible and impactful datasets within an organization are in high demand as machine learning requires a big amount of training data and analytics are continually looking for data assets that offer value. This has resulted in the rapid adoption of new datasets or data sources that had not previously been investigated or exploited and has made data management and effective practices of ensuring good data quality more important than ever.

New Jersey-based company Discovery Data offers data, analytics, and services that help clients enhance their data management and target opportunities more effectively in the financial services and insurance industries. Through Discovery Data’s unique and highly automated process—FRAME(Fuel, Refine, Analyze, Magnify, and Execute)—the firm aggregates data from over 65 disparate sources in the industry and hundredsof open sources, empowering clients with access to business-critical information that helps them make informed decisions to guide acustomer toward profitable financial streams.

“We deliver the most detailed and reliable data for CRMs, allowing our clients to have total trust in their data-driven decision making and market execution," states Bob Skea, CEO at Discovery Data.

The company caters to many industry-leading firms in asset management, wealth management, brokerage, and insurance. For the asset management industry,it provides critical data that illustrates the most appropriate sales distribution network for their products. Companies lookingto recruit the best advisors and agents to work for them leverage their data to locate a qualified, diverse pool of candidates. Additionally, FinTech and insurance tech companies are able to execute go-to-market initiatives for sales acceleration, and web-based media companies can identify their target audiences and conduct analytics on engagement.

"We have customer data that allows our clients to target the most appropriate audience in a granular way to achieve better outcomes, whether it's attracting advisors to a website, selling a mutual fund or an ETF through financial advisors, or hiring the best talent. We seamlessly integrate into our clients’ workflow including robust CRM capabilities to provide the insight and analytics they need to achieve their business goals," says Skea.

Discovery Data provides a variety of tailored data packages to meet the needs of its customers, as well as aid in access and distribution of data methods through the use of various technologies and analytics.

We deliver the most detailed and reliable data for CRMs, allowing our clients to have total trust in their data-driven decision making and market execution

First on the list is Discovery Data’s flagship product, MarketPro, a SaaS-based market intelligence platform that helps users develop a precise target market by giving an end-to-end view of professionals, organizations, and industries. MarketLink is the company's suite of managed data services, by which they leverage client and third-party data to create a golden copy in the cloud or work with customers on CRM integration. Moreover, it assists with the cleansing and appending of users' existing data to ensure that the CRM application is clean and complete through its MarketLink Cleansing services. The firm recently released an analytics and visualization platform dubbed MarketSage that provides clients with deeper insight into market trends through its visualization platform with over 13 years of longitudinal data streams and analytical tools.

Skea shared a case study of a Fortune 500 brokerage business that was losing a significant number of advisors to the market. At the time, the client was attempting to expand their workforce, unaware of the fact that they were losing a large portion of their advisors to specific competitors. Discovery Data helped them track the movement to and from their firm using MarketSage so they could visually see exactly where they were losing their advisors and make strategic decisions to help retain and recruit the best talent moving forward. Needless to say, such successful customer partnerships showcase Discovery Data's ability to deliver real business value.

Discovery Data is dedicated to building a community of professionals who love what they do and have a meaningful impact on the company and clients. Looking ahead, the company envisions investing heavily in analytics and strengthening their solutions further.

"By creating more advanced products and datasets we can provide additional value to our clients and help ensure their success," concludes Skea.

Discovery Data

Eatontown, NJ

Bob Skea, CEO

New Jersey-based Company Discovery Data offers clients data, analytics, and services that help them enhance their data management and target opportunities more effectively in the financial services and insurance industries. The organization has its own supply chain ecosystem that draws data from a variety of sources, including regulatory, third-party platforms, and the public domain. Before being made public, the data is subjected to a stringent quality assurance process.

Discovery Data