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Dan McNelis, Co-founder & CEO
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a significant technological development that improves the way people connect with over-the-cloud information and collaborate to improve overall productivity. However, unlocking the real power of the cloud platform is not easy for every business. Dito brings with it deep understanding of the benefits of GCP, and partners with Google to help SMBs and enterprises transform the way they do business. Dito has developed a close relationship with Google’s Enterprise teams and emerges as a full-service Google enterprise technology provider and cloud consultancy—helping users extend their reach and functionality.

In order to drive productivity, Dito allows quick access to innovation through its Enterprise Cloud Consulting and Professional Services. The company offers cloud consulting services to improve users’ internal processes by enabling the deployment and availing needful applications across enterprise cloud. Utilizing Google’s platform as a framework for intelligent decision-making, Dito provides best-of-breed solutions to users to minimize the gap in the adoption of latest big data and machine learning APIs into the cloud. “Uniquely positioned as a Google Cloud focused partner working across all of their product and service lines, Dito simplifies and serves as a single-vendor for all your Google Cloud and recommended partner services,” says Dan McNelis, Co-founder and CEO, Dito.

Dito embraces mobile productivity to allow greater flexibility and enables users to do more, better, faster. Its Google Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution customizes mobile and management strategy, allowing organizations to manage their users’ access to a single user-interface. While the cloud adoption and fluidity improves scalability, Dito heeds to the growing security threats and recommends a comprehensive cloud security plan to users. It provides cloud Identity and Access Management, cloud security scanner for App Engine apps, and encryption keys management on Google Cloud Platform for fool-proof security and visibility.

We’ve got the resources, relationships and experience to maximize your success

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Dito works extensively across all Google cloud solutions and significantly impact sales, development, change management, and ongoing support for organizations. The company tailors cloud computing products according to an organization’s needs and offers a gamut of cloud storage options with global edge-caching, which is simple yet powerful and cost effective. Google’s low latency, high-performance fiber network helps Dito platform users to connect with services worldwide, while managing networking functionality and load balancing on GCP.

Today, understanding the disparity in customer choices and behavior toward products or any service, has become a key to gather traction in the industry. Dito marks all the areas of possibilities for Google Maps APIs—from basic data mapping and visualization to boosting conversion rates and optimizing routes for on-demand delivery services. A case in point, Lityx—a cloud-based analytics services and solutions firm—was experiencing difficulty in optimizing marketing strategy for its clients to generate new customers. After being knocked at the door for a solution, Dito assisted Lityx in deploying Google Maps API in its cloud that allowed Lityx to easily add distance and drive time data to the information available about a prospect. It helped the company generate scrupulous predictive models of customer’s behavior and better optimize their marketing decisions.

Through the years, Dito has evolved tremendously with Google’s cutting-edge cloud solutions. The journey, which started in 2007 as a pair of brothers providing services to small businesses using the Google platform, is today working with some of the world’s biggest brands. “We’ve got the resources, relationships and experience to maximize your success,” ends McNelis.


Manassas, VA

Dan McNelis, Co-founder & CEO

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