Diverse Technology Solutions: Delivering Cloud Based Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft—one of the world’s largest software developers–has a host of offerings to help CIOs align Information Technology goals with business objectives. But the myriad of offerings can make the process of choosing the most cost-effective Microsoft solutions a daunting task. “For instance, one of the challenges CIO’s face today is the question of whether or not to relocate data and applications to the cloud,” says Clayton Hart, Managing partner and CEO of Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS). Being a Microsoft Partner, DTS assists a CIO’s ability to counter the challenges that crop up when choosing or implementing Microsoft enterprise solutions. “We help CIO’s navigate the myriad of options and clearly realize the return on investment of those decisions.”

A core part of DTS’s ability to accurately deliver these answers is the foundation of their Microsoft partnership that spans over two decades. This foundation enabled DTS to become an early adopter of implementing Microsoft based cloud hosting solutions for clients throughout North America and beyond. Their flagship Microsoft virtual desktop and server-hosting solutions deliver private cloud storage and mobile desktop technology, engineered to reduce the cost of IT ownership.

With the internet of things, mobility, cloud, and emergence of wearable technology entering mainstream, there is a demand for businesses to take their data and applications mobile. “Our virtual desktop hosting solutions have helped clients save up to 70 percent on their overall IT costs. With this server and desktop hosting environment, it is possible to provide a client all of their critical business applications, data and the entire Microsoft product suite. These cloud services, for instance, have helped the clients save up to 70 percent on their overall IT costs by relocating their data and applications to Diverse Technology’s cloud-based Micro¬soft solutions. One advantage of our hosting platform is that we own the infrastructure of our cloud services delivery, and we have the ability to provide custom and granular configurations that may not be available to a customer from other cloud hosting providers,” says Hart.

For instance, Kaplan Development Group, a property management company with 15 locations in the U.S. had various issues with their existing cloud provider.
Clayton Hart, CEO
Engaging with the customer, DTS implemented a custom-built Microsoft-driven Virtual desktop and server hosting solution. The solution boosted Kaplan’s cloud-desktop performance, in addition to decreasing their cloud hosting expenses by 35 percent.

Hart claims that it takes an enormous amount of commitment to maintain the lead and consistently adapt to the latest technology for cloud compatibility. “We are constantly testing the new technology from Microsoft to see how they impact our clients and what competitive advantages they can offer,” says Hart.

We are constantly testing the new technology from Microsoft to see how they impact our clients and what competitive advantages they can offer

For the future of DTS, Hart is striving to deliver IT as a utility for its customers. “The adoption of cloud-desktop technology will be an indispensable part of enterprises, but it’s currently not widespread. This can be attributed to the fact that the technology is relatively new in the field,” says Hart. But his firm has mastered it, which places DTS at a good vantage point to capitalize on this emerging market. With an array of cloud offerings and services, DTS has made a lasting mark in the IT field today and is poised for a promising future

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Clayton Hart, CEO

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