Diversified Systems: Guided Expansion Strategies and Systems Integration

Kevin Collins, Executive Vice President & COO
Monetizing audio and video content on a multi-platform distribution solution is the lifeblood of today’s media companies. These firms require constant innovations in their existing IT architectures to unify IT and the distribution of and/or ready access to audio-video (AV) content. Further, the media and entertainment companies that deal with IPTV requires networks with large bandwidth and quality encoding practices to help their media solutions perform at the highest levels. Diversified Systems, a nationally-recognized AV-systems integrator helps media and entertainment companies adhere to and create value from these trends. “Diversified Systems was envisioned with the unique capabilities to gauge client expectations and requirements, and offer them a quality experience,” says Kevin Collins, Executive Vice President and COO, Diversified Systems.

The New Jersey-based company’s offerings include a host of services like display technology control systems, management systems, servers, and other key network and AV component and management products. Having clients like Nike and Armani Exchange, Diversified Systems takes pride in their successful projects across the country including the new Times Square Display installation. “We often focus in creating revenue generating opportunities by delivering content on a daily basis across our numerous endpoints and through our digital signage products,” says Collins. Clients of Diversified Systems are also provided with a management platform to identify their content and manage the service-level agreements. In a nutshell Diversified System provides a fine blend of solutions and services to suit the client’s needs.

“In the present scenario, there exists a huge demand from media and entertainment companies for personnel who have the experience and acumen in delivering AV integrated IT solutions,” says Collins. One such client is the National Football League, headquartered in Park Avenue. The video upgrade demanded by the sports giant required a plethora of AV tasks on the fly—including managing, encoding and storing the HD content.

By exactly understanding our client-needs, we are able to tie all our solutions together to deliver a stellar user experience

The skilled team from Diversified was able to revamp and retrofit the existing architecture of client to deliver a network architecture that can encode, review, and monitor AV content from multiple sources across the country. The Command Center in the building was upgraded to house 14 displays, an HD projector and an array of workstations to review, annotate, and playback any event in any game. The firm also added a number of speciality conference rooms in the same building equipped with Video teleconferencing and IPTV systems.

Apart from huge projects like the NFL control room and the Times Square Display, Diversified Systems also designs interactive screens seen in museums and public information kiosks. They also cater to AV projects for many broadcasting and sports companies. “By exactly understanding our client-needs, we are able to tie all our solutions together to deliver a stellar user experience,” asserts Collins.

Collins understands that a company’s greatest assets are its people. By ensuring the synergy between various departments in the company, Diversified Systems is able to meet tight deadlines and establish long-standing relations with media and entertainment companies. “We have close to ninety skilled-engineers on board and that’s what adds to our value, our deep experience and unmatched teamwork,” beams Collins.

For the future, Diversified Systems plans to make use of the opportunities that come up in the exponentially-expanding market. “Continuing to evolve and delivering game-changing solutions are essential to surviving in this challenging field,” concludes Collins.

Diversified Systems

Kenilworth, NJ

Kevin Collins, Executive Vice President & COO

A firm that handles full service integration services and development of managed network solutions in addition to aggregated media, technology consulting, management, and integration services.