Divurgent: Redefining Healthcare IT Consulting though Proactive Solution Strategies

Colin Konschak, CEO & Managing Partner
The healthcare technology market has drastically changed over the decade. Providers are shifting towards the implementation and adoption of new technology across their organizations and advocating for the advancement of data analytics to drive improved clinical, financial, and operational performance. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Colin Konschak, CEO and Managing Partner of Divurgent, a healthcare IT consulting firm, has dedicated his team to providing patient-centric, proactive solutions to support the industry’s progress towards true healthcare reform.

Divurgent offers solutions through their four aligned practices—Advisory Services, Activation Management, Clinical Transformation, and Revenue Cycle Management—to healthcare providers to advance their clinical, financial, and operational service areas. Working with their Advisory Board, comprised of world-renowned CIOs, Divurgent analyzes market trends, predicts provider needs, and aligns their service offerings with the top-of-mind initiatives of their clients. As a result, Divurgent has focused their service lines to address prominent market pain points in cyber-security, revenue analytics, and population health.

Cyber-terrorism has created a significant threat to provider organizations that are leveraging Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other patient and financial systems, and struggling to protect their valuable data from targeted attacks. To address this challenge, Divurgent partnered with cyber-security guru Sensato to expand their services to encompass a full suite of cyber-security solutions, including readiness and vulnerability testing, preparedness workshops, and continuous cyber-security monitoring. These services provide proactive solutions to combat today’s growing threat of cyber-attacks in the healthcare environment.

“Our cyber-security solutions include real-world security testing of an organization’s vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, as well as continuous monitoring and threat assessment identification,” Konschak explains. As a value-add to the cyber-security service, the firm intends to leverage their Mobile Health (mHealth) services for better data security in the healthcare arena, meeting the ever- changing patient and physician mobility demands. “Our combined cyber-security and mHealth services not only improve the patient experience in hospitals and clinics, but mobilize healthcare data, empowering patients and providers alike,” Konschak illustrates.
To address the industry’s gap in revenue cycle analytics, Divurgent has recently launched a comprehensive revenue cycle data analytics solution, RevInsite®, which can analyze baseline metrics, identify weaknesses, and monitor trends in an organization’s revenue cycle. “Our RevInsite® solution gives our clients a dashboard view of their end-to-end revenue cycle, and provides them with a unique opportunity to transform their revenue cycle, improve their bottom line, and have more accurate reimbursements,” asserts Konschak.

Our cyber-security solutions include real-world security testing of an organization’s vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, as well as continuous monitoring and threat assessment identification

The work that Divurgent has been doing with clients over the past 8 years, inclusive of hundreds of projects, culminates in a shared goal of improved patient experiences, better managed health of populations, and reduced healthcare costs—the Triple Aim. “Population health strategies are weaved into all of our practice lines because that’s where the industry is headed—the technologies we’ve implemented, adopted, and optimized can now be used to drive healthcare’s Triple Aim, and we’re preparing our Team and our clients for the next generation of healthcare,” states Konschak. Divurgent has developed and expanded their population health-focused services, including data governance, business intelligence, Meaningful Use, value-based purchasing, health information exchange, and accountable care and clinical integration strategies.

“By being proactive thought-leaders instead of reactive service providers, Divurgent’s Team is well positioned to be a strategic partner in 2016 and beyond,” says Konschak. As policies and guidelines change and technology continues to evolve, Divurgent will serve as an advisor to their clients by focusing on the data and cultural integration of business, clinical, and financial service areas to achieve reduced health costs, advance the delivery of care, and improve population health.


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Colin Konschak, CEO & Managing Partner

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