Diwo: Catalyzing The New Era Of Decision Intelligence

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David Collins, Chief Revenue Officer
The path to ROI with analytics is better decisions, not better dashboards. Organizations that have historically relied on business intelligence (BI) dashboards and manual data analysis are shifting to decision intelligence (DI) to enable their teams to make smarter, faster decisions and improve outcomes. Helping businesses move beyond traditional BI dashboards and close the gap between insight and action is Diwo. By applying AI, contextual intelligence, machine learning, and process automation to support “in-the-moment” decisionmaking, Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform can detail the risks and trade-offs of any business opportunity and recommend the best actions to address those prospects.

“Our DI platform delivers timely, relevant insights and, most importantly, actionable recommendations that take into account the business context and decision intent,” says David Collins, Chief Revenue Officer of Diwo. The DI platform essentially provides insights in natural language format, which help business leaders determine what they should do to improve a specific business outcome. Driven by Diwo’s patented knowledge graph technology and unique contextual intelligence IP, the DI platform leverages clients’ existing data sources and identifies business opportunities within clients’ data l to enable quick decision-making. The DI platform is architected to understand an organization’s business process and uses the stored knowledge to ensure every user interaction is highly contextualized. All a decision-maker within the organization has to do is validate the recommendation and then put that into action.

Designed to be easy for business users as well as analysts to consume the analytical insights and AI-powered recommendations, Diwo’s platform is best suited to support decision-makers in recurring scenarios, like workforce allocation, supply chain planning, and inventory optimization. For example, the DI platform leverages SKU-level demand forecasting to make accurate inventory planning across the entire supply chain and identify any possibilities of product shortage or oversupplies ahead of time for proper stock adjustments.
Often, this kind of data analysis involves techniques such as root cause analysis, key driver identification, or what-if analysis. Operationalizing decision intelligence in this use case results in significant efficiency gains and frees up the user from repetitive tasks. Moreover, the platform offers multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios wherein the users can tweak the recommended decisions to check different outcomes. For instance, if a marketing executive is looking at a recommendation to increase the marketing spend by $100 to retain 5000 customers, they can change the recommendation parameters such as budget, customer segment, and timeframes to see how it will affect their overall retention initiatives.

Our DI platform delivers timely, relevant insights and, most importantly, actionable recommendations that take into account the business context and decision intent

Diwo can determine how a decision impacts other departments in an organization, model different scenarios, quantify the impact of competing business objectives and recommend the best strategies to meet enterprise goals and KPIs. The system constantly learns from user interactions and decisions. Each time Diwo runs an analysis, it tests and measures its own performance to improve future recommendations.

Leveraging these crucial capabilities, Diwo is positioned to deliver global businesses the benefits of decision intelligence. As more businesses jump on the DI bandwagon, it is creating the perfect stage for Diwo to not only realize its vision but also take it a few notches higher.


Northville, MI

David Collins, Chief Revenue Officer

With Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform, any decision-maker in an organization can access recommendations that solve complex decisions, while understanding trade-offs, consequences, and business constraints