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Peter Dobler, Founder & CEO
In the words of Stephen M.R. Covey, trust is equal parts character and competence; it undergirds and affects the quality of every relationship, communication, business venture, work project, and effort, in which leaders are engaged. En route to achieving trusted advisor status, most consulting companies never inculcate trust in business relationships, which may lead to losing business with potential customers. However, there are companies like Dobler Consulting that go against the grain and build long-lasting relationships founded on integrity and trust. Delivering full spectrum database services, Dobler Consulting is a trusted advisor and partner for organizations looking for maximizing their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase database technologies. “We are not necessarily in the technology business; we are in the trust business. Our mantra has always been to bring enterprise-level database support to businesses of any size. With our database support services, we take care of our clients’ environment, data, backups, and security,” says Peter Dobler, founder and CEO, Dobler Consulting.

As a seasoned IT professional with over 25 years of in-depth experience in SAP Sybase, MS SQL Server databases, and Oracle database administration, Peter believes in building his business with a firm foundation of expertise in database administration and data management. As an accomplished IT database professional who delivers results by building sophisticated data systems, implementing advanced application software, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs, Peter leads his team at Dobler Consulting to support clients in North America as well as in Europe with Oracle database support and consulting services. The company primarily caters to clients across finance, healthcare, aviation, and oil & gas sectors.

Dobler Consulting offers a perfect cost-effective blend of both off-shore and on-shore database support for remote resource access with seamless user experience. When it comes to Oracle solutions, the certified team of engineers and database administrators at Dobler Consulting delivers a full range of Oracle support and management options that meet the specific needs of the clients—from optimization, replication and migration, to management and hosting. With a unique collaboration with Oracle, Dobler Consulting empowers clients to access unique Oracle tools, insights, connectivity, and the Oracle Cloud. The company’s remote database administration and management services— SpectrumDB—al lows organizations of all sizes to remotely supplement their database administrative requirements with highly-skilled, on-shore database experts round the clock. “SpectrumDB started as a product under Dobler Consulting and was then converted into SpectrumDB LLC. Today, it is a trademark, a recognizable entity representing our entire spectrum of database support solutions in the market,” explains Dobler.

As a 100 percent process-oriented company, Dobler Consulting focuses on processes pertaining to client acquisition, system, and personnel onboarding.
The clients can utilize the company’s plethora of tools and database monitoring functionalities to boost their IT knowledge, mobility, flexibility, business continuity, and data security whilst ensuring smooth system operations. Dobler Consulting’s multiple onboarding processes for clients and their systems follow clear-cut protocols and maintain absolute transparency. “This enables clients to see when, how and where our database experts access their systems, forming an entire ecosystem with multi-layered support,” says Dobler. Besides serving as clients’ full-time in-house database administrators, Dobler Consulting’s database experts proactively handle system breakdowns, mitigate incidents, and take care of service level agreement (SLA) responsiveness with its hybrid break/fix model.

Our mantra has always been to bring enterprise-level database support to businesses of any size

While assisting Fortune 500 companies, Dobler Consulting’s experts leverage the ‘follow the sun’ database support model to address and solve issues across offices in different time zones for increasing responsiveness and reducing delays. For mid-sized companies, Dobler Consulting boasts a robust network operations center (NOC) that accumulates and presents clients’ business information on a comprehensive display and effectively handles database incident post-haste. “It is a proactive model, which allows us to resolve any issue in the clients’ databases before they learn of it. This setup keeps us a step ahead of potential risks,” Dobler adds.

The proficiency of Dobler Consulting’s Oracle database support services was on full display when it assisted one of its clients, running Oracle E-Business Suite, in handling database incidents. “Following the resignation of one of their DBAs, we became the client’s extra pair of eyes and ears for supporting their E-Business platform,” recalls Dobler. The client did not have to backfill this role. Dobler Consulting’s team of Oracle engineers and technicians drew on their expertise in database support and preventative maintenance to effectively turn a bad situation into a non-event without the loss of knowledge or support, enabling a seamless transition.

Similar stories as such showcase Dobler Consulting’s commitment to helping clients migrate their on-premise installations, be it systems, data centers or development environments, to the Oracle Cloud. In addition to the SAP Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle database support and consulting services, Dobler Consulting is an SAP value-added reseller (VAR), licensed to sell the entire SAP database product portfolio, including HANA. Moving ahead, the company aims to augment its services pertaining to Oracle E-Business Suite installations.

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Peter Dobler, Founder & CEO

Dobler Consulting specializes in helping clients maximize their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP Sybase database technologies

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