DocAuto: Next-Gen SharePoint Management

Ryan VanOsdol, Account Director
Developed to be a web-based collaboration and document management platform, SharePoint has evolved substantially over the years. And while SharePoint offers significant advantages to corporations looking for web-based collaboration and content management capabilities, because of its complex and highly dynamic nature, managing a SharePoint deployment entails numerous administrative, managerial, and governance challenges that still have not been addressed with out-of-the-box functionality. Employing a completely different approach to solve these SharePoint challenges, DocAuto created SPorganizer™—a next-generation SharePoint solution. “One of the key differentiating factors that make our solution standout is that you are not limited to the functionality that we’ve coded and included in the product. We’ve specifically created a solution that allows organizations to build their own functionality using drag-and-drop capabilities. This allows them to meet the needs of their business and user community,” begins Ryan VanOsdol, Account Director at DocAuto. As an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy platform, SPorganizer streamlines and automates every aspect of managing SharePoint, including security, design, content, features, and much more. Additionally, SPorganizer has the built-in capability to coordinate with other mission-critical systems to automatically drive processes and configurations in SharePoint, driven by data from line-of-business systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, and others.

Another factor that distinguishes DocAuto in the industry is that their licensing model includes all product functionality. A single administrator license, which is $3,499 or less per administrator, covers multiple SharePoint farms and environments—on premise and cloud-based at the same time, including unlimited migration capabilities. DocAuto, with 21 years of experience in providing content management solutions for legal, financial and accounting firms worldwide, now applies its expertise to simplify deployment, management, and administration of the SharePoint platform. The company has also invested in creating instructive scenarios and videos to help users understand the benefits and how to get the most out of SPorganizer and SharePoint.

As an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy platform, SPorganizer streamlines and automates every aspect of managing SharePoint which includes security, design, content, and features

DocAuto interacts with customers on a regular basis to ensure the solutions delivered align with clients’ ever-changing business needs. “We want to make sure everybody that purchases DocAuto’s SPorganizer gets maximum value and ROI from the solution,” adds VanOsdol.

An example that highlights DocAuto’s value proposition is their success story with a large financial services organization in the Southeastern U.S., where they helped drive efficiency and productivity in the client’s business where all other third-party tools failed. The company uses SPorganizer for security auditing and self-service SharePoint administration. Using SPorganizer, the client was also able to manage and protect specific information, monitor requests made by users, developers, and engineers within SharePoint, execute methodologies based on the functionality required, and audit activities across all 60 SharePoint environments within their system.

DocAuto works on consistently delivering innovative solutions that equip IT and business leaders with intuitive software to run a more agile, secure, and collaborative business. The company employs agile methodology and a customer-focused approach to plan their future growth and product functionalities. “The solutions we design and develop align with the feedback we receive from our customers, their opinions, and expectations,” affirms VanOsdol. DocAuto is truly focused on being next-gen and stands out based on both the functionality they provide and the methodology they use to deliver it to the marketplace.


Norcross, GA

Ryan VanOsdol, Account Director

Provides a platform that offers unlimited management flexibility, and the ability for organizations to extract actionable data immediately out of their SharePoint environment