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Brian Cardarella, CEO
The digitalization boom is creating new opportunities and avenues for organizations to boost efficiency, drive loyalty through better customer engagement, and deliver great user experiences. However, a brand needs robust digital strategy paired with flawless engineering in order to unlock business potential and build memorable experiences. Massachusetts-based consultancy DockYard creates cutting-edge and revolutionary digital solutions for enterprises and startups through design and development of digital products such as web applications, websites, and custom software. “We work with avant-garde organizations such as Netflix, Nasdaq, and Zipcar to turn bold digital ideas into reality. Our suite of services is aimed at solving real business challenges through intuitive, engaging user experiences,” says Thomas Atwood, Director of Marketing at DockYard.

Backed by full stack software engineers with exceptional credentials, DockYard develops bespoke software applications that get straight to the heart of business objectives. With scrupulous attention to quality, the web apps that DockYard builds integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures. The company’s user experience developers’ play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between digital product design and engineering. “We create ambitious web applications through research, strategy, user experience, design and front and back end engineering, resulting in digital solutions that are fast, secure, fault-tolerant, scalable, and easily maintainable,” says Atwood.

By employing Agile at the center of its custom software development process, DockYard creates a unique environment for its professionals to work remotely from across the United States, including in metro areas such as New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Denver, and Los Angeles. “Our nimble, decentralized structure helps us recruit the most skilled professionals in interactive strategy, design, engineering, and project management, from across the U.S—whether from Miami or Seattle,” says Atwood. With their intelligent digital product strategies, DockYard helps clients with digital product development in a host of industries, from information technology and healthcare to entertainment and financial services.

DockYard, which regularly ranks near the top of lists comparing custom software and web development consultancies, embraces pioneering web development technologies such as Ember, Elixir, Phoenix, as well as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). Specifically, PWAs have become critical components of digital product development strategies for their ability to offer the benefits of both web and native mobile applications.

We engineer ambitious digital products and meticulously-designed web applications that are fast, secure, fault-tolerant, scalable, and easily maintainable
              -Thomas Atwood

Being on the cutting edge of technology, DockYard invests significantly in open source web technologies that provide an easy migration path, long-term maintainability, and security. The company also offers professional training and support to clients’ staff, aiding them to gain the maximum value out of the web apps and websites they design. What’s more, DockYard offers testing and QA, project management, and staff augmentation services.

One of the many clients that have benefited from DockYard’s suite of digital design and development services is Massachusetts-based CollegeVine which offers one-on-one mentorship programs to students of U.S. schools. With the desire to provide a smart user experience to their staff and clients (students and parents), CollegeVine was determined to simplify the navigation of a complicated and stressful higher education admissions process. DockYard crafted a first-of-its-kind intelligent user interface to facilitate interactions between CollegeVine’s staff and clients. The interface, reinforced by an interactive to-do list and a robust college and university search, generates personalized recommendations for clients.

The other side of the solution was designing a questionnaire that can present questions in an easy-to-understand and digestible format. The algorithms analyze the information gathered from the survey to highlight where the educational institution in question aligns or misaligns with the students’ interest. The ultimate deliverable is personalized results and realistic student expectations that eventually positioned CollegeVine as an expert in higher education.

Having doubled its size in just a year, DockYard continues to expand across the U.S., bringing more clients in its basket. “Our clients not only invest money in DockYard’s projects, but also their energy and intelligence, and we translate these investments into meaningful business value,” concludes Atwood.


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Brian Cardarella, CEO

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