DocuTAP: Improving Clinical Workflow with Forward Thinking Software

Eric McDonald, CEO
Technology has grown to become a fundamental factor in transforming the global healthcare sector. Advancements in electronic and information technology have accelerated, leading to development of wireless devices and supporting technologies. At this juncture, DocuTAP, headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, provides urgent care practices with an innovative approach to workflow management with its flagship products, DocuTAP Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record. Upon deployment, the PM and EMR fully integrate in one complete system.

“Since the technology landscape within the healthcare space is broad, we strive for simplicity and less complexity,” says Eric McDonald, CEO of DocuTAP. He states, “Our business strategy has two parts: being simplistic and being urgent care or on-demand specific.” Working extensively with healthcare providers to create a product that fully integrates PM and EMR functionality, the company encompasses various aspects of the provider practice workflow. DocuTAP software, designed for tablets, allows patients and providers to be mobile during the entire process from appointment until the time of exit from clinic. “Patient engagement is very important. This enables the patient to receive care faster, in a very fluid manner through DocuTAP software,” says McDonald.

Another aspect of the software is DocuTAP Analytics a unique reporting tool, in the urgent care space, which allows for drag-and-drop report creation. This helps in extraction of data for staffing, finding outliers in performance, and confirming profitability and transparency at the same time. The reporting tool tie-in with DocuTAP’s EMR and PM let clients extensively analyze their clinic’s financial and operational numbers to discover clinical and financial trends. In addition, DocuTAP’s newly added benchmark metrics include E/M distribution, door-to-door times, and reimbursement per visit.

DocuTAP has won the trust of numerous medical organizations since its inception. A case in point would be American Family Care’s (AFC) clinic growth, which brought to light the need to re-examine their EMR vendor.

Since the technology landscape within the healthcare space is broad, we strive for simplicity and less complexity

One of the issues was the lack of IT support for the self-hosted, server-based software. In addition, there were system lags and inflexibility. This led staff to document on paper resulting in duplicate workflow steps and cumulative hours of lost time across clinic locations.AFC also wanted to help its providers attest for Meaningful Use incentive programs and training was an additional challenge, making it difficult to teach staff the ways to maximize their EMR’s potential. These factors, along with unintuitive navigation, convinced their organization it was time to switch EMRs.

Since switching to DocuTAP, AFC has seen a dramatic improvement in patient turnaround times. AFC estimates that an average of 10 to 15 minutes has been saved on each patient visit and this has allowed AFC to see more patients in a timely and safe fashion. Additionally, because documentation can be done more quickly with DocuTAP one provider can see more patients per hour than they did before. DocuTAP also offers interface flexibility and AFC plans to build more interfaces in the future to make workflow even faster.

Moving ahead, DocuTAP intends to grow vertically in terms of providing additional services specific to the urgent care space and segments outside of it along with critical, 24/7 support. “Futuristically speaking, we intend to work extensively with healthcare service providers. Healthcare is becoming increasingly on-demand, and we’re at the forefront of it-striving for patient and provider convenience,” says McDonald on an ending note.


Sioux Falls, SD

Eric McDonald, CEO

DocuTAP provides urgent care clinics with an innovative approach to workflow management