DocuTell: Bringing Competitive Advantage by Understanding

CIO VendorKrishna Baddam, CEO & President
Risk has always been inherent to the banking, financial, manufacturing and insurance industries. Institutions are under increasing public and regulatory scrutiny, with a very high likelihood of new and more stringent regulations to come. These industries are also heavily regulated and must keep up with various compliances. This puts the onus on services such as identity and access management, content management systems and hardened infrastructure to keep risk at bay. However, the solutions present in the industry are often expensive and highly complex in terms of deployment and maintenance. Added to that, the industry is also grappling with the dearth of expert resources that could help such deployments. Having identified these challenges, Krishna Baddam founded DocuTell, a provider of identity and access management, content management and portal solutions. “Our primary objective was to address complexity faced by our clients and to provide them with a competitive advantage through the understanding of their business goals and the proper application of information technology,” explains Krishna, CEO & President, DocuTell.

Founded in 1997, the company specializes in web application development and the implementation of web portals, content management and identity &access management systems. Additionally, it has successfully configured and installed several hundred WebSphere and JBoss application server instances. “We have also built and deployed multiple Apache web servers and deployed and maintained many web applications,” adds Krishna. In the space of content management and web portals, the company provides comprehensive solutions that include information architecture, user management, security, personalization, searching, monitoring and support.
Standing the Test of Time

The fast growing company has stood the test of times owing to the rock solid reputation that it has built in the past 17 years. A testament of the company’s commitment to its clients is the fact that it receives repeat business from prestigious clients such as Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Cisco, Mercedes Financial, TD Bank and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, just to name a few.

Since inception DocuTell’s philosophy has been to manage projects with the architectural and technical guidance of its senior staff, right from the stage of project inception to implementation. This end to end approach has enabled the organization to implement several challenging engagements without having to compromise on quality. Led by a group of talented technical professionals with relevant industry experience, the company provides a plethora of solutions to its clients. Another major factor that contributes to DocuTell’s success with its clients is the company’s culture of working not just as a onetime solution integrator but as a partner. The team also focuses on educating and mentoring clients about the solutions being implemented.

Looking at the Cloud

The forward looking company has charted an aggressive growth plan for its future. “We are working on incorporating cloud based solutions in our roster of services to make things easier for our clients. We are keen on getting into the area of identity analytics and security intelligence solutions,” says Krishna. Having already created a strong name for itself in areas such as California, Atlanta and Michigan, the company is now looking to conquer other geographies as well. Given DocuTell’s impeccable legacy of work and its technical prowess the company is sure to rise higher in the years to come.


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Krishna Baddam, CEO & President

A provider of web application development and implementer of web portals, content management and identity access management systems