Document Advantage Corporation, DocuVantage: Revolutionizing the Way to Move and Manage Documents

The movement of documents, along with the implementation of workflow software can seem complex and exceedingly technical and stipulate specialized expertise for leading organizations up the growth ladder. Documents and their processes need to be managed in one place with careful and closely watched steps. “These issues can be addressed by integrating the documents with their processes seamlessly by using the document index form in a second role of providing document routing information. Our workflow designer is built into the software and connects directly to the document and index routing form,” says Jana Wiggins, CEO, DocuVantage.

Headquartered in Florida, DocuVantage simplifies the multifaceted and methodological workflow software by providing organizations affordable and easy-to-use online document management, workflow and records management software. Through their solution, DocuVantage OnDemand, one can move documents, workflow, and compliance to a cost-effective advantage. Within the solution is a drag and drop browser based tool that is simple to use, but can also be expanded by using the built-in scripting capabilities, external connectors, and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available to customers.

Our workflow designer is built into the software and connects directly to the index routing form

DocuVantage's document management platform, DocuVantage OnDemand is delivered using the SaaS subscription model so that customers only pay for what they use. Since there is no software or hardware to purchase, ROI is immediate. The solution includes document capture, imaging, archiving, workflow, full text search, collaboration, and version control. Remote workers and offices have the same access to business documents as those in the corporate office. One can control the level of document access for each of the users for adding, searching, editing, and viewing documents.
“DocuVantage OnDemand provides instant access to documents and data, the workflow pushes documents to the appropriate people for review and approval, and the automatic version control makes sure that everyone is working on same correct version of the document,” explains Wiggins.

One of DocuVantage’s clients, TB Alliance, a global nonprofit for TB drug development found their old contract management system to be more complicated than helpful for the end-user. Apart from the system complexity, their customer service experience was slow, requiring repeated follow up by the contracts team members, and often ended with no proper solution. Upon implementing DocuVantage’s software, the team finally observed a sense of consistency and security. “What took three clicks in the old system takes one in DocuVantage.

In one department TB Alliance now saves over $22,000 annually simply by having switched to DocuVantage from their original contract management system,” adds Wiggins.
The company makes it a point to constantly interact with their customer, listen, and incorporate their feedback and ideas into the platform, to enhance the success. “We deliver projects on time and budget. We involve business analysts with years of experience in the sales process to ensure that we can meet the needs of the prospective customer, while keeping pace with emerging technologies,” explains Wiggins.

For over 25 years, the DocuVantage engineers and consultants have assisted businesses with their document management and workflow automation needs. With the advent of technologies like cloud, the company is building automatic data extraction for invoices into their cloud solution for AP automation. “Phase I which is in production, is the primary index data such as Vendor, Invoice #, Date, Total. Phase II will be to extract the line item data, the AP data capture solutions that typically cost 10s of thousands of dollars will be made available to clients at a small monthly fee. This is our future plan, to provide clients best of services with pocket friendly price,” concludes Wiggins.


Tampa, FL

Jana Wiggins, CEO

Provides a cloud platform that includes the management of documents and data using business process management workflow technology.