doeLEGAL: Enterprise Collaboration Solutions for the Legal Industry

Thomas J. Russo, President & CEO
doeLEGAL, a premier solutions provider for corporate legal departments, exemplifies the motto “plan your work, work your plan”, in the work process they develop for each customer’s needs.

Thomas J. Russo, President & CEO, states, “Productivity is never an accident. It is the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, focused effort, and proper security measures.” What sets doeLEGAL apart is our mission to earn each customer’s business every day through predictable cost of ownership, superior technology & software, client-focused support, and a foundation of collaboration - all configured to a client’s unique legal world. “Delivering each client’s unique legal world on a single pane of glass is exactly how our solutions excel in this evolving legal landscape,” Tom adds.

The legal arena is prone to unique vulnerabilities. The Foundation of our Legal Enterprise Collaboration is having data transformed into usable information with real-time, secure accessibility in one centralized, hosted location at a predictable cost of ownership. This shared environment allows legal departments and their outside counsel to focus on the business of law rather than the complexities of data processing. “doeLEGAL’s mission is building confidence and assuring that data is current, secure, and available whenever and wherever the clients need it,” states Tom.

doeLEGAL provides end-to-end collaborative software service and support enhancing an organization’s ability to practice law in efficient and effective ways. The company’s solution, ASCENT™ eBilling & Matter Management exemplifies how their 42 years of experience helped develop a perfect solution to support the growing challenges faced by today’s General Counsel. Simplifying and organizing eBilling and matter information, communication, and documents used by corporate legal departments defines the primary functions of ASCENT™. Its configurable reporting and deep analytic capabilities is unmatched in the legal spend and matter management space.
Fully configurable to any legal department’s requirements, ASCENT™ includes all support and configuration in the one-time implementation and annual subscription fees. It is the only complete predictable cost of ownership model available.

This up-front pricing model is also integral to doeLEGAL’s other solution-doeDISCOVERY™, which manages the entire electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) from collection through production. The Managed Services Plus™ offering from doeLEGAL acts as an extension of the client’s in-house litigation team with all services under one roof, allowing the team to handle any or all of the litigation tasks required.

doeLEGAL’s superior technology helps Corporations overcome the daily challenges of today’s complex business of law. Partnering with an expert legal service provider increases corporate efficiency, creates collaborative functionality, and develops a strong corporate spend transparency. All of which combine perfectly to manage any organization’s legal department with straightforward pricing. “doeLEGAL delivers budget-friendly, fully-configurable legal solutions with superior technology and software built on a foundation of collaboration empowering shared responsibility, workload, and success,” explains Tom.

doeLEGAL remains ahead of its competitors by placing the clients’ needs at the forefront. Tom continues, “Our mission is to earn our clients’ business every day and we do that by placing them as our first priority”. By having service experts combine their capabilities with clients’ in-house staff, they create a partnership of unparalleled strength and support. “The idea of providing a legal team with a single platform and standard to work from is the new legal environment where everyone can share and work together towards a common goal,” adds Tom. The suite of products from doeLEGAL helps in creating a positive position to evolve, with the help of superior software developed to meet and exceed client expectations.


Wilmington, Delaware

Thomas J. Russo, President & CEO

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