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Thomas J. Russo, President & CEO
Of late, eDiscovery has become more important as the proportion of electronic content in most organizations is becoming voluminous and difficult to manage. Today, CIOs are facing the challenge of increasing eDiscovery costs due to continuously growing electronic data. In response, they are being called on to collaborate with fellow executives to find different approaches like Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs), outsourcing vs. in-house, and managed services. Another key challenge is to understand the wide range of products and solutions that best fits an organization’s needs for eDiscovery, alongside other broader technology requirements. Solutions that evolve with these challenges are advanced tools and adaptive services. “Using superior technology at a reasonable cost, backed by client-focused support is where doeLEGAL has carved its niche in the market,” begins Thomas J. Russo, President and CEO, doeLEGAL.

Founded in 1971, doeLEGAL offers enterprise-class legal collaboration software solutions including case management, litigation, and legal spend and matter management, electronic invoice processing, and eDiscovery services. Their comprehensive suites of tools are delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model using a Legal Enterprise Collaboration (LEC) platform. doeLEGAL provides doeDISCOVERY™, a full-featured, end-to-end eDiscovery solution. doeDISCOVERY is designed to manage and organize the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) which mitigates risk and reduces the costs of eDiscovery for clients around the world. Integrating legal project management services with eDISCOVERY tools, the company supports attorneys in meeting all the new rules and changing requirements of their clients. “We believe eDISCOVERY solutions should be affordable without sacrificing the features that provide our clients the most benefit,” says Russo. The organization ensures discovery data is always available and expertly configures the processes to work within clients’ existing business models. doeLEGAL is capable of managing every eDiscovery requirement, making sure legal teams can focus on their case rather than the technology and solutions.

doeDISCOVERY is designed to manage and organize the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) which mitigates risk and reduces the costs of eDiscovery for clients around the world

Every client receives client-dedicated support with an assigned legal project manager who works as a liaison between each IT and legal team, ensuring a seamless experience.

“In terms of eDiscovery technology trends, we don’t really see as many ‘new’ innovations out there; rather we are seeing the market gain a better understanding of how technology can help reduce costs,” states Russo. doeLEGAL remains on the cutting edge of technology to offer the best and most advanced services available to customers. With over 44 years of serving the legal market, doeLEGAL operates by five tenets of distinction—predictable cost of ownership, superior technology and software, configurable and user friendly solution, client-focused support, and a foundation of collaboration.

doeLEGAL’s mission is to provide the best data that facilitates better and faster decision-making. “Our goal is to manage the eDiscovery technology solutions for clients by giving them the freedom to focus on the business of law,” adds Russo.

To further advance in the technology market, doeLEGAL has added Relativity® 9.3, eDiscovery project metrics, and Legal Hold to their Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) and Case Management offerings through ASCENT™. “The addition of Relativity® 9.3 to our eDiscovery service is another example of doeLEGAL’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and dedication to customers,” concludes Russo.


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Thomas J. Russo, President & CEO

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