Dolomite Technology: Unraveling Business Computer Care and Management Problems

Matthew Hutchings, CEO & President
As businesses evolve, companies are investing more on services that can run and maintain networks. However, security becomes the major challenge in the networking landscape. “Regardless of the technology incorporated in the networking environment, the key issue for most business is the balance of security versus the ease of using technology,” says Matthew Hutchings, CEO and President, Dolomite Technology. A lot of companies deliver remote access to their employees, which potentially creates loopholes in the network. Taking advantage of the latest technology, Dolomite has developed easier processes to control these risks and provide a more secured network.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Dolomite is a Managed Services Provid¬er with focus on network management and technology solutions consulting. “We manage our customer’s networks. We don’t charge extra for each business feature our customers want, but offer them a comprehensive in-frastructure solu¬tions package that is part of our core service offerings,” notes Mr.Hutchings. Partnering with Microsoft and taking advantage of its training program, Dolomite has been able to seamlessly resolve customer issues. With the cloud-based service Microsoft Office 365, Dolomite facilitates a seamless transition to the cloud while maintaining corporate integrity and network mobility. The company believes that bringing the Microsoft expertise knowledge base and implementing it with regular training for customers and the community helps in reducing the complexity of the problems that might otherwise have developed. To foster this integration, the company has a dedicated training center, where it reinforces training, implementing training and hands-on labs for the different services on the desktops. “Since, most customers do not want to get involved into the nuances of technology, we keep our Microsoft training standardized on what they might commonly come across, making learning easy and the transition to new versions simpler,” explains Mr. Hutchings.
“Microsoft aims at gaining performance and we make sure the end users are satisfied using the Microsoft platform,” says Mr. Hutchings. For example, Windows 8 is a secure OS, but a lot of people are not comfortable with its user interface. From a business standpoint, Dolomite tweaks the interface to make it look like windows 7 yet retains the security and usability of windows 8 along with other new features.

Dolomite Technology specializes in bringing unsurpassed commitments and technical expertise. The company gives a 90 days guarantee on service—with the freedom of cancelling it if unsatisfied with the service. The company also provides antivirus with on site as well as off-site backup as part of all its core IT offerings. All of these services ensure the longevity of the business.

Microsoft aims at gaining performance and we make sure the end users are satisfied using the Microsoft platform

For instance, due to the market crash, Argon Electronics—a manufacturer of components in building utilities for security system—was struggling to manage their network. They ended up spending a huge sum of money to sort out the server issues. “Upon approaching us, we trained their technicians as well as leveraged our resources to resolve their problems,” states Mr. Hutchings. Dolomite also helped them in migrating their products and services to the cloud and added features to the storage system with 24 hours monitoring support, thereby reducing infrastructure cost.

Dolomite Technology

Las Vegas, NV

Matthew Hutchings, CEO & President

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