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CIOs in the property technology landscape often face the herculean challenge of consolidating vendors and solution providers for various business operations involving ERP and CRM applications. System integrators that could meet this need have emerged as forerunners in the real estate landscape, serving as a bridge between the business and technology. Emphasizing this trend, Salim Faroukh, Founder and President of Domain 6, says, “Our mission is to enable real estate firms to make the best use of technology to drive organizational insight and support their growth. We help them to achieve this with purpose-built, next generation solutions that address the challenges of today whilst also helping them build for the future.”

Faroukh’s organization—Domain 6—leverages the powerful capabilities of the Microsoft platform to deliver solutions such as BrokerSpace 365, IntelliSpace 365 and LeaseSpace 365. All of the solutions break down data silos created by traditional solutions, enabling real estate firms to better engage and understand their customers, empower their people, optimize their operations, and in some cases, even fully re-imagine parts of their business.

Microsoft’s underpinning technology serves as the secret sauce that enables Domain 6 to bring a much-needed cohesion within the real estate value chain. The centralization of disparate, siloed workflows allow industry leaders to reap the rewards of a unified, data-fueled view of the business, and the alliance with Microsoft also enables Domain 6 to drive fast deployment and adoption of their solutions due to the flexibility akin to Microsoft technologies. For example, a lease can be digitally signed, exchanged among the parties involved, confirmed via the creation of a ticket, and validated by a move-in request to the corresponding real estate establishment all in one simple and easy-to-use workflow using Domain 6’s platform.

The team at Domain 6, 20 years of experience in the real estate landscape enables it to assist CIOs, decision makers, and real estate employees in achieving strategic goals through its platform. Leading the transformation of change management driven by technology, Domain 6 has also developed what it calls ‘a power application’ that allows brokerage agents to gather information pertaining to real estate deals and publish the same with a brokerage firm.

Our mission is to enable real estate firms to make the best use of technology to drive organizational insight and support their growth

It ensures that the information aggregated is secured and is only utilized for marketing operations. This process brings a sense of flexibility to the real estate operations of an investment firm that handles a significant amount of agent remunerations by employing a commission calculation engine within its suite of Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft’s suite of solutions strengthens Domain 6’s offerings in not only delivering the much-needed operational flexibility but also provisioning the scope for scalability in terms of managing vast data sets with multiple dependencies. This can be illustrated with a success story, wherein, a client of Domain 6 had to handle 15,000 leases and develop a software application from scratch. The client—a senior living community management team—had recently acquired close to 150 communities and needed a software solution to manage leases in a minimalistic manner. Domain 6 kick-started the project to enable the senior living community management team to manage leases proactively whilst also streamlining and processing multiple leads from different sources. That first phase was completed in a matter of 3 month. Currently, Domain 6 is working on the second phase of the project, after successfully commemorating the first phase that included 80 communities in the initial run. Domain 6’s competencies are exemplified through such collaborations that not only serve as the foundation for its future endeavors but empower CIOs and decision makers within the real estate landscape.

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