Dome9 Security: Bringing Advanced Security into AWS Cloud

Zohar Alon, Co-Founder & CEO
Cloud computing and security became a major area of discussion in the RSA conference 2015, held in San Francisco, CA, on bringing harmony in cloud complexities. With the tremendous popularity of the cloud based services-storage, application and infrastructure, the major question arises on the way to secure the sensitive data in cloud. Presently, data breaches, cloud service abuses caused by various malicious activities are some of the major challenges private cloud based enterprises are meeting. Amazon Web Services (AWS) a leading cloud service provider is also facing similar issue. While AWS’ Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) offers web based scalable computing capacity in the cloud to the businesses, the computing resources are still not completely secured in the public cloud. “Although AWS security groups provide protection from unauthorized users, but its rule sets are limited. Moreover, Amazon’s security is managed and deployed separately within the EC2 console,” says Zohar Alon, Co-Founder and CEO, Dome9. “Securing enterprises’ cloud resources needs to have protection that includes firewall security management. Dome9 manages the cloud security stack, secures cloud servers and makes them virtually invisible to hackers,” Alon adds.

AWS users commonly face a significant challenge managing their security policies, especially as they grow across multiple ac¬counts, regions, and team members. Addressing the difficulty, San Mateo, CA based Dome9 security offers advanced safety management tools needed to secure AWS based enterprise servers. The company ensures the servers are secured by default with limited access to ports available on-demand for a specific time period and purpose. Their flagship product Dome9 SecOps for AWS is an API based security management platform. It delivers ‘security management-as-a-service capabilities’ for all servers and clouds, including AWS EC2 environments. SecOps provides an automated control layer that increases security while streamlining administration. “SecOps gives an efficient and scalable management platform to centralize and automate policy administration, lock down policies to prevent unauthorized changes, audit and log changes for regulatory compliance,” conveys Alon.

Dome9 SecOps’ alerts and tamper protection helps to stop unauthorized users and applications from modifying security groups without permission. It alarms the enterprise management whenever any change is made in the cloud resources. Likewise, SecOps solution helps auditing and logging the user activity of all the AWS accounts situated in cloud.
That makes the security report producing process easy and time saving. With ‘editable service name and description’ option from SecOps enterprises can create meaningful policy names and description for all AWS services to avoid any confusion. Furthermore, it sets robust user permissions to control user management of specific security groups.

Dome9 makes the cloud security stack manageable, secures cloud servers and makes them virtually invisible to hackers

Dome9 empowers businesses through centralizing and automating policy management for multiple AWS EC2 accounts and regions, and secures all their cloud instances. One of Dome9’s customers, LikeLive, an online video interview platform provider chose Dome9 SecOps for AWS platform due to its policy granularity. The company functions with multiple users accessing their cloud. Hence LikeLive management required to set policies to stop cloud attacks. Using Dome9’s SecOps for AWS platform, the company was able to easily setup complex security codes, and eliminated the difficulty of client Virtual Private Network establishment. Further, it secured their servers successfully in the cloud.

Dome9 has recently added Clarity Visualization console within SecOps platform for AWS CloudFormation templates. It allows enterprises to integrate advances discovery and reintervention of network security problems and misconfigurations into the template design stage. “As a purpose-built security solution for the AWS cloud, Demo9 SecOps with Clarity Visualization is showing a way to immediately visualize the security aspects of production AWS environments,” expresses Alon. “This new innovation enables us to extend that benefit to the design phase of network security operations,” he concludes.

Dome9 Security

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Zohar Alon, Co-Founder & CEO

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