Dooap: Taking the Pain Out of Invoice Management

Antti Kosunen, CEO
Let’s face it, accounts payable (AP) is currently one of the most inefficient and expensive functions within a company. Reviewing invoices involves a lot of manual labor, and many companies still use paper-based invoicing systems, increasing the chance of lost invoices, long approval times and mismanagement.

Outdated paper processes and lack of well-designed AP technology is severely costing companies—roughly $16 and 10 days of processing power per invoice to be exact.

Dooap has created an accounts payable (AP) automation solution that combats these deeply rooted challenges and cuts both cost and time per invoice. The solution is designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX.

Dooap is mobile-first, cloud-native, and powered by Microsoft Azure, leveraging the data already stored in a company’s ERP. Dooap’s CEO, Antti Kosunen says, “Our roots lie in Dynamics and we are interested in knowing how Microsoft is developing their ERP offering as they bundle CRM and ERP under the same services utilizing various capabilities such as cloud, IoT, machine learning, and so on.”

With its foundation in the Azure cloud, Dooap’s mobile application aligns completely with the Dynamics 365 roadmap outlining a number of benefits such as lower risks and a simpler IT portfolio. The web-based software offers flexibility and scale to those using the Microsoft ecosystem, giving employees the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere and making it a big contender for quick adoption, often a challenging aspect of implementing a new accounts payable software.

Notably enough, Dooap’s AP solution is developed by professionals with extensive experience in AX and Azure in addition to unparalleled cloud expertise. This group has a deep understanding of what CIOs, decision makers, and software users are looking for in an AP automation solution.

The team at Dooap analyzes all purchase-to-pay workflows for an optimal and intuitive user experience.

Dooap’s AP solution is developed by professionals with extensive experience in AX and Azure in addition to unparalleled cloud expertise

The team is dedicated to making their solution the easiest and most efficient on the market. Dooap has an elegant and simple user interface, and the mobile app is supported by Apple, Android, and Microsoft platforms.

The leading force behind Dooap’s design lies in handling, managing, and automating incoming vendor invoices. This includes capturing data, routing e-mail invoices, collecting approvals, and finally automating the matching of PO invoices and coding of non-PO invoices. By simplifying and automating the AP process, Dooap offers greater efficiency and mobility, fewer errors, and lower processing costs while eliminating the need for constant human intervention.

When it comes to Dooap’s experience in the market, the firm attracts attention from a wide range of companies covering various industries. A good amount of work can be saved with Dooap’s solution in place, especially in the manufacturing and retail industries. Likewise, in the service industry, there are numerous end-users who happen to work outside of their offices and need to travel frequently. In this scenario, handling invoices via the Dooap application can help many professionals meet their deadlines on time.

Dooap is currently preparing for the upcoming D365UG/AXUG Summit in Nashville, Tennessee in October. In this context, Kosunen notes, “We are looking forward to the conference where we shall demonstrate our product to end-users and have a great discussion on how we can take the accounts payable process to the next level.” Meeting end-users face-to-face helps the Dooap team to develop the solution and improve the customer experience.


New York, NY

Antti Kosunen, CEO

Leading provider of accounts payable automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX