Dorado Software: Automating Complex Network Configurations

Tim Sebring, CEO
Today’s enterprises depend on network availability for business continuity. However, in heterogeneous networks, administrators face numerous difficulties in effectively managing device configurations, ensuring compliance to regulations, and minimizing network downtime triggered by human errors. Given the complexity of networking, most software providers seek external assistance to carry out the paramount task of configuring networks that help them deliver uninterrupted services to customers. This is where Dorado Software comes in. “We provide configuration management to service providers and enterprises globally, enabling them to swiftly incorporate IP infrastructure into their operations,” says Tim Sebring, CEO, Dorado Software.

The company automates business processes to ensure uniformity, avoid errors that permeate clients’ network configurations, and allow software providers to maintain healthy relationships with customers, in their day-to-day business activities. Dorado provides a single solution which gives IT teams the power to view, deploy, configure, and control resources in the multiple disparate systems traditionally used to manage networks and data centers. The company’s Redcell Resource Management suite of solutions performs both network and service management and monitoring functions in one console. Redcell allows enterprises to configure their resources, devices, and services to their existing network—quickly and accurately.

The value proposition here is that Redcell is a fully automated platform “We have a tremendous capability to provide automation over network infrastructure; physical, logical, and now virtualized,” points Sebring. He further adds, “All of this automation over the assets is user-definable, user-customizable and simple.” With Redcell, clients have the ability to build their own automation and tune them according to their changing requirements. It then normalizes the look and behavior of the process, allowing clients to easily navigate through the configuration of their network. The product ensures consistency spanning multiple-vendor device groups so that all components comply with policies, security parameters, and service level agreements.

We have a tremendous capability to provide automation over network infrastructure; physical, logical, and now virtualized

Redcell’s deep discovery capabilities delve into the characteristics of each device on a granular level; understanding how the devices must be configured to meet customers’ expectations. A large energy company once approached Dorado to extend their resources into an Internet of Things (IoT) environment, with sensors, video cameras and other such devices added to their ecosystem. Once deployed, Redcell’s ability to integrate, configure, and manage the IoT devices on a common console with a common visibility proved highly advantageous for the client. The client no longer needed to invest in a different console to configure IoT devices, saving a great deal of capital.

Striving to meet the changing needs of the market, Sebring prefers working closely with customers while incorporating trends like cloud and IoT, which are constantly disrupting the marketplace. To this end, Sebring states, “We work with customers not only to extend our capabilities in managing configurations, but also monitor compliance and provide greater visibility into their resources.”

Dorado provides an environment that gives clients a common way to interact with their assets. Dorado’s continuous investment in OpenStack and other Software Defined Networking (SDN) platforms demonstrates their management capability over new cloud resources and technology. Building advanced modules by incorporating newer technologies from these platforms, Dorado delivers enhanced automation solutions to clients. On this positive note, Sebring concludes by saying—“clients will see a lot more exciting offerings from Dorado this year.”

Dorado Software

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Tim Sebring, CEO

Dorado's Redcell Resource Management solution performs both network and service and monitoring management functions in one console.

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