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Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO
No one ever said hiring was easy. As the global workforce is at crossroads, hiring the right candidate draws in a debatable question: does personality trump skills? While employers find it critical to hire workers who mesh with their cultures and values, they need to learn how essential it is to consider the personalities of the candidates and how they meld with co-workers before collaborating on serious business goals. Ganesh Iyer stumbled upon this game-changing idea in the realm of talent acquisition back in 2014.

Following his entrepreneurial streak and penchant for transformation, Iyer created a B2C, Tinder-like application for professionals. The application worked like a network amplifier to help identify the right personality that users can connect with and grow their career faster, based on their GPS location. Soon, it dawned on him that the aspect of network amplifier was more prevalent in enterprise talent acquisition, enhancing engagement within a specific talent base. He also learned that instead of assessing the data on the face value or asking the candidates a bunch of contextual questions was not the right way to identify their true motivation when it comes to a low pay high volume job.

These two aspects were enough to inspire Iyer and his team of data scientists, mathematicians and psychologists to conceptualize dotin. The company aims to simplify the hiring process for employers, thereby empowering organizations with meaningful connections with potential talents. “The idea behind dotin is all about aligning the core motivation of every user or talent with the right opportunities for protecting an employer’s investment and maximizing recruitment efforts, all without asking a single question. The style and the personality of a candidate are crucial to helping him blend with the job and succeed within that given environment. The major objective is not just to connect with talents, but to grow with them,” states Iyer, Founder, dotin. In doing so, the company unlocks the power of AI insights to find and hire ideal talent. dotin has developed a Cognitive Engine that captures candidates’ digital footprints, allowing companies to prioritize behavior and fit during the hiring and onboarding process.

Though the platform serves all kind of jobs, dotin primarily caters to the requirements of the human resources professionals while hiring for positions where the talent attrition is high or in hourly wages or low pay high volume jobs.

The idea behind dotin is all about aligning the core motivation of every user or talent with the right opportunities for protecting an employer’s investment and maximizing recruitment efforts

The AI-powered software evaluates the cultural values of the organization and compares it with the values of an individual. dotin offers a free screening tool, which assists clients in finding the right talent who would fit well within the environment. The company also focuses on personalized ads and online personalization for online marketing and personal analysis when it comes to positioning the brands to the audience.

What makes dotin second to none is its patented technology that allows a seamless way of capturing the outcomes. Users are able to view the outcomes in seconds! This drastically brings down the time consumed in the overall process, consequently eliminating the clutter in the hiring process. Recently, dotin worked with one of the biggest financial institutes in India to identify the behavioral patterns of high, medium and low performers. Leveraging dotin’s system, the client was capable of training the candidates to ensure that they always deliver their best performance. The client has experienced around 91 percent more correlation to what dotin predicted through its performance management system. Currently, the client has succeeded in hiring the right talent, grooming them and most importantly, preparing them to become future leaders.

Serving a broad clientele in the US, Canada, Japan and India, the company is looking for strategic customers and partners in the UK market. “We look forward to making inroads into these markets in 2019 and expanding into Europe as well as South America,” concludes Iyer.


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Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO

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