Double Line Partners: Ed-Fi: Revolutionizing the Education Standards

In a plenteous data-environment organization like schools, data-informed decisions are needed to streamline all kinds of operations from attendance check to performance analysis. However, most of this data resides in fragmented disparate systems and the systems are incapable to view the data in a usable way. The situation is further aggravated by the difficulty in pulling the data sets together to make real-time information available. As a remedy, Double Line Partners, an educational technology consultancy offers Ed- Fi, the operational standard set of data elements defined by the U.S. Department of Education Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). “It provides superior data integration and revolutionizes the management of K12 education data systems and standards,” says Zeynep Young, CEO, Double Line Partners.

“The introduction of Ed-Fi data-standard has brought 22 states into a community of education agencies and technology companies committed to open integration and data interoperability,” states Young. In addition, Ed-Fi allows connecting with different proprietary systems that have their own data standards and bring all the data into one place and normalize it. “We develop the next generation data system based upon Ed-Fi data standard and Ed-Fi technical artifacts built upon Microsoft technologies.”

Microsoft Enterprise Technology is the technology-stack of choice for various state and local education agencies. “Double Line Partners has made it the core platform to design and deliver because it can be shared, customized, and integrated to allow customers deploy solutions at lower costs,” adds Young. Double Line Partners is a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner and leverages the entire Microsoft .Net platform in every customer engagement in both on-premise and cloud (Azure) environment. This helps Ed- Fi provide Microsoft with a unique value proposition for their education customers.

The success and growing adoption by state and local agencies are bringing other competitors into the Ed-Fi ecosystem. Double Line Partners is encouraging and supporting in adopting the Ed- Fi data model in several ways, including training technical staffs on integrations and support and providing Ed-Fi integrations. Young believes this innate ability to partner with any organization gives Double Line Partners a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The organization also helps clients by building exceptional code in support of the core library for the Ed-Fi Alliance.
Zeynep Young, CEO
"Double Line Partners has created, extended, and maintained the Ed-Fi library since inception and continues to be on the vanguard when it comes to next generation deployments," remarks Young.

These leading edge deployments provide Double Line Partners with an innovation network that is vast and expanding. For instance, Tennessee Department of Education partnered with this company to create next generation data integration. Initially, the project started as a solution for the vexing challenge of creating “student data backpacks” that follow the student throughout an educational career. Ed-Fi 2.0 architecture on the Azure platform was deployed and an end-to-end data ecosystem was created that provides near “plug-and-play” integration for most digital products.

We develop the next generation data system based upon Ed-Fi data standard and using Ed-Fi technical artifacts build upon Microsoft technologies

Empowering “data integration as a service” is the next goal of Double Line Partners. Furthermore, the company is also working on early warning system dashboards to provide support for students at risk of dropping out of high school. The dashboards tie into a library of interventions that provides educators with research-based recommendations tied to student-level indicators of risk. The company is looking to build on its Microsoft partnership to achieve economies of scale that lower costs and rapidly expands the capabilities of Ed-Fi ecosystem. “The vision of “plug and play” requires broad scale adoption and the best thinking on data security, and this makes Microsoft Double Line Partners’ most natural partner in the education space,” concludes Young.

Double Line Partners

Austin, TX

Zeynep Young, CEO

Offers Ed-Fi, the operational standard set of data elements providing superior data integration