DoubleBridge Technologies: Highly Configurable and Customizable Document Management Solutions

George Wu, President and CEO
The modern day workplace is going through a continuous evolution and organizations are focusing on collaboration for the growth in the market. Today, companies of all sizes have adopted collaboration tools, but many still struggle to find solutions that meet all of their needs. The collaboration between different departments, field offices, or even individual employees is always a challenging issue with regards to consolidating the work between them within a large corporation. Ensuring better collaboration, DoubleBridge Technologies, an IT solution provider, offers a suite of SharePoint-based and Documentum-based solutions that enables flexibility on the customization for individual needs and configurable functionalities.

DoubleBridge started 15 years ago specializing in content management software development and consultancy services. “Our goal is to deliver the fit-for-purpose collaboration solutions to meet client’s evolving business needs,” remarks George Wu, President and CEO, DoubleBridge Technologies. With that in mind, focusing on the regulated industries, the company offers highly configurable/ customizable document management solution with lower maintenance costs.

The company’s SharePoint platform offers a suite of solutions called OrniPoint. It is an off-the-shelf solution/tool kit, which addresses the challenges faced within the content management in regulated industries; they have a compelling need to find a time and cost saving solution to author, review, or access document concurrently, without compromising security and integrity of the document. For instance, OrniPoint suite provides a wide range of the complete application modules for creating and maintaining the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents, clinical trial documents, research and development-related documents, and submission documents for pharmaceutical companies. The toolkit offers several user-friendly solutions including the virtual document manager, document relationship manager, SharePoint to Documentum connector, and the regulatory document management system.OrniPoint lowers the total cost and maximizes the benefit of the customers. “OrniPoint guarantees minimum deployment, development time and less transition time from implementation to business as usual,” informs Wu.

Our goal is to deliver the fit-for-purpose collaboration solutions to meet client’s evolving business needs

DoubleBridge Technologies also offers, ROSETTA, a documentum-based solutions/suite. ROSETTA Pyramid enables a Life Sciences company to collect, categorize, index, track, and archive the company’s interactions with regulatory authorities. The Pyramid tracks the submissions to a regulatory authority, correspondence from an authority, fax, email, phone conversations, or face-to-face meetings—the interaction record/ event in the system. These data are then stored in an integrated electronic document management system such as EMC Documentum for an instant retrieval. The software suite also includes a solution called ROSETTA Phoenix Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) Viewer, which is a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use tool used for viewing regulated submissions prepared in eCTD format.

Their collaboration solutions improved compliance and records management practice by enabling the customers to centrally manage regulated records and documents electronically at the earliest touchpoint possible. “For real-time communication within a team, our solutions can track the group meeting schedules and accommodate time zone differences in the system,” says Wu.

With its innovative, critical thinking and problem solving capability developed over the years, the company thrives to stay ahead of the emerging competition. “With Microsoft being the second largest shareholder of our parent company, ChinaSoft, we have relative access to Microsoft’s technologies and a pool of 9,000 IT talents/resources,” explains Wu. As the smartphones and tablets are becoming popular for collaborating entities, many corporations are embracing the technologies and so in a new release next year, the company plans to add workload monitoring and mobile access as new features in their collaboration solutions.

DoubleBridge Technologies

Princeton, NJ

George Wu, President and CEO

Offers a suite of SharePoint based and Documentum-based solutions that enables flexibility on the customization for individual needs, and configurable functionalities